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Gilets Jaunes seek new momentum “Acte 18”

Gilets jaunes protesters across France plan to present an “ultimatum” to President Emmanuel Macron for “Acte 18”, as the Grand Débat ends, and more protests begin. The Acte...



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Beware of the yellow Tories

Aristotle said that, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  But what happens when all the Parts are rotten? In the late 1970s it...

1 million EU citizens granted right to reside in UK after Brexit

Polish, Romanian and Italian nationals sent most applications under settlement scheme, according to Home Office. About 1 million of the roughly 3 million EU27 citizens...

Turkey’s military pension fund in exclusive rescue talks to take over British Steel

British Steel: provisional deal with Turkish bidder could save 4,000 jobs Full transfer of ownership to pension fund Oyak expected to take place before end...

Israel bans entry to two Muslim US congresswomen over their criticism

The left-leaning Muslim congresswomen are outspoken critics of Israel's policy toward the Palestinians and support the so-called BDS movement, which advocates boycotts, divestment and...

Jeremy Corbyn: Caretaker government to block ‘no-deal’ Brexit. RSVP

Jeremy corbyn wants to oust Boris Johnson so he can head a "strictly time-limited" caretaker government. In a letter to party bosses and other senior...