Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A reply to Owen Jones — Keep it comradely.

In the past week, Owen Jones surprised me by making me the subject of a blog post in which he attempted to sketch a...


Thatcher EU

How the free movement of capital across the EU led to the decimation of...

DENNIS SKINNER MP – HOW THATCHER FORGED THE CAPITALIST EU ‘When I hear Tories and the purple-faced UKIP go on now about Poles, Romanians and...

70% of Labour Constituencies Voted to Leave the EU!

70% of Labour Constituencies voted to Leave the EU! David Mallon delegate from Blyth valley CLP. David Mallon talked passionately at the Labour Party conference imploring...
Natasha Engels fracking

She’s a Fracking Traitor, Former Labour MP Natascha Engel

The pro-fracking former Labour MP, Natascha Engel, is the new commissioner for shale gas, the government announced yesterday. Ms Engel initially opposed fracking when Ineos announced plans...
Third Investigative journalist murdered in the last year.

Third Journalist in a year murdered while investigating EU Corruption.

Bulgarian television reporter Viktoria Marinova has become the third journalist to be murdered in the European Union in the last year and the fourth...

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A reply to Owen Jones — Keep it comradely.

In the past week, Owen Jones surprised me by making me the subject of a...

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