Saturday, February 27, 2021


70% of Labour Constituencies Voted to Leave the EU!

70% of Labour Constituencies voted to Leave the EU! David Mallon delegate from Blyth valley CLP. David Mallon talked passionately at the Labour Party conference imploring...
Thatcher EU

How the free movement of capital across the EU led to the decimation of...

DENNIS SKINNER MP – HOW THATCHER FORGED THE CAPITALIST EU ‘When I hear Tories and the purple-faced UKIP go on now about Poles, Romanians and...

Former BBC Newsnight and Panorama journalist claims the BBC are making ‘Fake News’ programmes

Journalist turned whistleblower calls for Ofcom probe John Sweeney, the journalist behind the Newsnight programmes that attacked LeFT wing Labour MPs such as Ian Lavery...

Safe in whose hands: Comparing Johnson’s and Corbyn’s voting record on terrorism, crime and...

Terrorism has been an enduring theme of threat that the UK has faced, over decades, from many different sources. We must question our politicians...

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Starmer broken pledge: Labour set to oppose any immediate corporation tax rise in next week’s Budget

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