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Brexit: Don’t blame the Russians the referendum was a democratic vote.

Facebook: Nick Clegg says 'no evidence' of Russian interference in Brexit vote There is "absolutely no evidence" Russia influenced the Brexit result using Facebook, the...

Tom Watson sticks to his diet but still serves pie in the sky.

Tom Watson claims the Labour Party must become a remain Party In a message to his Future Britain group of MPs and peers, which is backing its...

The case for unionising the army

Military trade unions are very well established and respected as a social partner in some European countries, for example in Denmark where they are part...

Boris Johnson: police called to loud altercation at potential PM’s home

Police were called to the home of Boris Johnson and his partner, Carrie Symonds, in the early hours of Friday morning after neighbours heard...

Mark Field: Minister suspended after allegations of assault.

Mark Field has been suspended as a Foreign Office minister after grabbing a female Greenpeace activist at a black-tie City dinner. Mr Field has said...