Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Italian PM Conte resigns

‘This government ends here,’ prime minister tells parliament. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation Tuesday, setting the country on an uncertain political course...



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A reply to Owen Jones — Keep it comradely.

In the past week, Owen Jones surprised me by making me the subject of a blog post in which he attempted to sketch a...

Lib Dems: Filthy Liars Exposed

Koser Saeed joined the campaign to end female genital mutilation here is how it unfolded  1. 6th Jan 2015, I signed a petition supporting a campaign...

Racism row overshadows Liberal Democrats conference

If you are going to stand for election a clear message and a winning cause will always curry favour. But insulting your voters is...

The EU Gravy Train keeps chugging along: EU President-elect and Commission nominees face questions over corruption and scandal

Several nominees including the president-elect herself will soon face questioning from authorities President-elect Von der Leyen and some of her nominees are likely to be...

Len McCluskey: Boris Johnson less Churchill, more ‘Wreck-it Ralph’

Len McCluskey, the leader of Britain and Ireland’s largest union, Unite placed Johnson firmly in place stating Johnson was less like Churchill, more ‘Wreck-...