70% of Labour Constituencies Voted to Leave the EU!


70% of Labour Constituencies voted to Leave the EU!

David Mallon delegate from Blyth valley CLP.

David Mallon talked passionately at the Labour Party conference imploring the Labour Party not accept the People’s Vote.

David told the conference in no uncertain terms what supporting a people’s vote would mean to the people of his constituency. David’s constituency of Blyth valley was just one of the 70% of Labour constituencies that voted to leave the EU.

David invited the conference to “come to Blyth valley the area of Blyth valley the rundown abandoned constituency telling in a clear message for too long these people have felt marginalised.”

David Mallon gave some home truths, talking about the EU he says,

I am against it because I believe the European Union to be a capitalist club that its problem is, it’s for the few not the many. It uses free trade to take advantage of those that are in eastern Europe, Poles, Romanians who come over for a better life! Our wages are undercut because the Bosses think, because of the European Union they can pay them less! This is a complete and utter farce, we must work to actually improve our Nation for all of the people in this country.

David goes on to tell of his family’s history and how he himself is a third-generation immigrant from eastern Europe. He expresses how his family “got the exact same rights because they were in a union with other British workers they got the same pay!” David is right that is how real protection against exploitation is gained.

David stresses that since Thatcher brought us Free trade in Europe that is when things went downhill. LINK

Pointing out the fact if we go against the people’s will, we will lose those voters!

He was right to point to the fact the Labour Heartlands have seen nothing but loss from the day we joined the EU

Yes, I know there are many remainers that will sing out “No it was and is national governments, not the EU!” But isn’t that the real secret of the EU that distant undemocratic organisation, it’s ability to take all the credit but never the blame.

Its detached rule is supreme and confident in its security of invisibility, dislocated from the people it holds so much sway over!

Its makeup of detachment from the people, the people its life-changing rules and articles are forced upon. Again the argument will be the EU is a democratic institute! But is it? Who voted in the Commission that makes the laws and rules? Not the public that’s for sure!
Who is our commissioner for the EU and what does he do? Find out here:

The reaction at the conference was mixed, loud cheering could be heard at the back but the faces of some of the delegates and characters of the conference were less than impress with David’s hard-hitting reality.

At one point the camera zoomed in to a newly elected Councillor of Doncaster Town ward, Union President ASLEF Tosh Mcdonald, Tosh had made a great speech polished, coming across to appeal to us, the working class, but the comparison in passion was palatable. Conference lapped it up but at the very end, Tosh spoilt it, in what must have been a stab to the heart of all his fellow Doncaster constituents who overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. He shouted two words “support the composite!”

Of course, all David Mallon’s passion was wasted on the ears of the remainers who had no intentions of listening to reason.

The Remain contingents only aim at the conference was to ensure that Peter Mandelson’s People’s vote was secreted away somewhere on record. On record yes because it will never be implemented only used to suggest Labour and mostly Jeremy Corbyn does not respect the vote of the People.

This was all compounded when Keir Starmer gave his speech playing to the Remain camp are digging the trap for Jeremy Corbyn just a little deeper. Not only did he moan on to support a people’s vote he added his own little amendment to the composite motion stating that Remain would still be an option!

While this is a delight for lots of Remainers their party will be short-lived. The Tory propaganda machine are suggesting Labour cannot be trusted with your vote?

But wasn’t that the whole idea behind Mandelson’s Peoples vote to lose Corbyn support?

Now in saying that I’m not suggesting the people that want a second referendum are knowingly acting out Mandelson’s ploy! They are genuine Remainers that want to remain in the EU for a number of reasons, some very good ones.

But what I am suggesting is that you have been used and no amount of Labour Party pressure could bring about a People’s vote only a Labour Party fail.

Keir Starmer gave his House of commons speech telling the Nation that the vote to leave the EU would be respect how he told us “we in the Labour party are, above all, democrats. Had the outcome been to remain, we would have expected the result to be honoured, and that cuts both ways. A decision was made on 23 June last year to leave the EU. Two-thirds of Labour MPs represent constituencies that voted to leave; one third represent constituencies that voted to remain. This is obviously a difficult decision. I wish the result had gone the other way—I campaigned passionately for that—but as democrats, we in the Labour party have to accept the result.

The full wording of the motion that passed is this no mention of Remain:

Conference welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s determined efforts to hold the Tories to account for their disastrous negotiations. Conference accepts that the public voted to leave the EU, but when people voted to ‘take back control’ they were not voting for fewer rights, economic chaos or to risk jobs. Conference notes the warning made by Jaguar Land Rover on 11.9.18, that without the right deal in place, tens of thousands of jobs there would be put at risk.

Conference notes that workers in industries across the economy in ports, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, chemicals, in our public services and beyond are worried about the impact of a hard Brexit on livelihoods and communities.

Conference believes we need a relationship with the EU that guarantees full participation in the Single Market. The Brexit deal being pursued by Theresa May is a threat to jobs, freedom of movement, peace in Northern Ireland and the NHS. Tory Brexit means a future of dodgy trade deals and American-style deregulation, undermining our rights, freedoms and prosperity. This binds the hands of future Labour governments, making it much harder for us to deliver on our promises. Conference notes Labour has set six robust tests for the final Brexit deal. Conference believes Labour MPs must vote against any Tory deal failing to meet these tests in full.

Conference also believes a no-deal Brexit should be rejected as a viable option and calls upon Labour MPs to vigorously oppose any attempt by this Government to deliver a no-deal outcome. Conference notes that when trade unions have a mandate to negotiate a deal for their members, the final deal is accepted or rejected by the membership. Conference does not believe that such important negotiations should be left to government ministers who are more concerned with self-preservation and ideology than household bills and wages.

Stagnant wages, crumbling services and the housing crisis are being exacerbated by the government and employers making the rich richer at working people’s expense, and not immigration. Conference declares solidarity and common cause with all progressive and socialist forces confronting the rising tide of neo-fascism, xenophobia, nationalism and right wing populism in Europe.

Conference resolves to reaffirm the Labour Party’s commitment to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 including no hard border in Ireland.

Conference believes that there is no satisfactory technological solution that is compliant with the Good Friday Agreement and resolves to oppose any Brexit deal that would see the restoration of a border on the island of Ireland in any form for goods, services or people.

Should Parliament vote down a Tory Brexit deal or the talks end in no-deal, Conference believes this would constitute a loss of confidence in the Government. In these circumstances, the best outcome for the country is an immediate General Election that can sweep the Tories from power.

If we cannot get a general election Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote. If the Government is confident in negotiating a deal that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from they should not be afraid to put that deal to the public.

This should be the first step in a Europe-wide struggle for levelling-up of living standards, rights and services and democratisation of European institutions Labour will form a radical government; taxing the rich to fund better public services, expanding common ownership, abolishing anti-union laws and engaging in massive public investment.

Mover: GMB Seconder: Exeter CLP


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