Keir Starmer has a very short memory or he just hopes we do!


Top Jeremy Corbyn aide ‘yelled in fury’ when Keir Starmer went off-script in Brexit speech

There were plenty of reasons why! Jeremy Corbyn has worked relentlessly at trying to create a Labour Party people can trust, with politicians we can trust Keir Starmer seems to have missed the brief.

Starmer’s conference speech advocating a second referendum that would include the question of remain was pure self-indulgence, worst it was pure hypocrisy and a complete reverse to his house of commons speech on respecting the result of the referendum.

Sir Keir Starmer Quote:

We lost the referendum. Yes, the result was close. Yes, there were lies and half-truths—none worse than the false promise of an extra £350m a week for the NHS. Yes, technically the referendum is not legally binding. But the result was not technical; it was deeply political, and politically the notion that the referendum was merely a consultation exercise to inform Parliament holds no water.

When I was imploring people up and down the country to vote in the referendum and to vote to remain, I told them that their vote really mattered and that a decision was going to be made. I was not inviting them to express a view.

Although we are fiercely internationalist and fiercely pro-European, we in the Labour party are, above all, democrats.

Had the outcome been to remain, we would have expected the result to be honoured, and that cuts both ways.

A decision was made on 23 June last year to leave the EU. Two thirds of Labour MPs represent constituencies that voted to leave; one third represent constituencies that voted to remain. This is obviously a difficult decision.

I wish the result had gone the other way—I campaigned passionately for that—but as democrats, we in the Labour party have to accept the result. It follows that the prime minister should not be blocked from starting the article 50 negotiations.

-End Quote-
You were right first time! 
Can we ever trust Politicians? 


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