Going Back to Our Roots

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To beat the Tories, Labour needs to win in areas where Ukip has faded away   Paul Mason on the local elections. If this were a general election, Labour would be the largest party If last week’s figures were translated into general election results, Labour would be the largest party, and could form [...]

Muddy waters

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Again we see the right MPs within the Labour Party going against the Party and the leadership. Jeremy Corbyn set out Labour’s Brexit position on the customs union in February this year, seemingly bringing to an end months of confusion over where the party stood on the issue. He said Labour would seek “a new comprehensive [...]

It’s Only Words


May Day Chesterfield May Day. Chesterfield May Day celebrations are the largest outside London and today we were privileged to listen to a speech made by Unite the Unions leader Len McCluskey. My views on Len McCluskey’s speech: Len McCluskey used his speech to talk about change and hope, a shared [...]

Man in the Mirror

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Jeremy Corbyn critic Chuka Umunna has called for an inquiry into Labour’s local election campaign. Mr Umunna said the advances which could be expected at this stage in the electoral cycle under a “divided and incompetent” Government had failed to materialise. Link to article here. Live on national television, once again Chuka was premature [...]

Local elections


Labour's 'best London results since 1971' Despite the Toxic Right of the Labour Party adding to the negative mix on MSM over AS. Millions of voters have been to the polls in a night that as seen Labour gains and the best result in London's local elections for the Party since 1971. Jeremy Corbyn’s [...]

You Messed Around I Caught You Out Howzat?

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Amber Rudd boasted to Theresa May about setting an “ambitious but deliverable” target for kicking out illegal immigrants Yet Ms Rudd flatly denied removals targets existed when she appeared before MPs last week. Her former deputy, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis, today admitted he had seen a bombshell memo over targets for deporting illegal immigrants [...]

Just Go Walk Out The Door!

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The right of PLP need to go! They are not representative of the Party or the Working class they are bringing the Labour Party into disrepute with their constant attacks on the Leadership and all who support Jeremy Corbyn. From the moment Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Leader of the Labour Party in September 2015 the right of the Party [...]


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Amber Rudd incompetent or conveniently forgetting? RUDD MUST GO! The Home office and it's ministers need to stop playing with people's lives the Windrush generation are British citizens not faceless numbers. Amber Rudd was told about migrant removal targets, leak reveals Exclusive: Secret memo contradicts home secretary’s claim she was unaware of targets Amber [...]

Board of Deputies not the only Voice in Town

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Jenny Manson, Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour Jeremy Corbyn meets leaders of one group of the Jewish community ‘The Board of Deputies of British Jews’ amid an ongoing row about the rise of anti-Semitism among Labour supporters. Let’s be very clear this is one group of the Jewish community and not all Jewish [...]