Saturday, February 27, 2021
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It started with a coup.

The Labour Party had just elected our new leader Jeremy Corbyn he entered the leadership competition as the Left underdog a token gesture by...
Lexit censorship

The proscription of Labours Lexit members

The proscription of Labours Lexit members In recent months the Labour forums have carried out a proscription on Lexit members any slight word or bite...
Keir Starmer barnsley question time

Barnsley Brexit

Labour do not betray the people! Why would a working class man from Barnsley part of the Labour Heartlands attack Labour and in particularly Keir...
eu flag westminster

Meaningful Vote

EU Thinks Parliamentary Power Wastes of Time.   Conservative rebels inflicted a humiliating defeat on Theresa May in the House of Commons as they backed an...
Jeremy Corbyn nationalisation


Nationalisation Jeremy Corbyn claimed a socialist manifesto might be restricted by the European Union’s rules on state aid if the UK tried to stay in...

Tony Benn

Tony Benn on the EU When I saw how the European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not...
eu austerity

Left Finally Waking Up To Eurozone Realities

Is The Left Finally Waking Up To Eurozone Realities? The fact that the mainstream European left continues to believe, with some notable exceptions, that the...


Dennis Skinner on the EU. The Beast of Bolsover stands head and shoulders above most Labour MP's of today, he is a man of principle...

Tom Barker

An extract from Tom Barker Book, TOWARDS A SOCIALIST BREXIT: JEREMY CORBYN,  THE EU & THE  BATTLE FOR LABOUR "For a start, it is worth...

They Could Not Break This Town

Joe Solo & The Hatfield Brigade - They Could Not Break This Town Leslie Moore  When we decided to record this song which is going to...


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