Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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anti-semitic mural

The mural

This is the Mural plotters are using to attack Jeremy Corbyn. The largely-fictitious ‘anti-Semitism-in-Labour’ controversy is clearly never going to be allowed to die. I...
Respect the result of the referendum

Lexit Let Down

Is it capitulation or politicking. Jeremy Corbyn developed the Labour Party’s policy on Brexit at a speech in Coventry. Jeremy used the speech to outline...
Public ownership

EU Rules incompatible with Labour’s manifesto

EU Rules incompatible with Labour’s manifesto! In the debate around Labour’s position on Brexit, siren voices on the left assert the single market — sometimes called...
EU opt outs

EU Single Market Rules and a UK National Investment Bank

EU Single Market Rules and a UK National Investment Bank EU Single Market Rules and a UK National Investment Bank Tarrant and Biondi make the case...

Tony Blair MI5 SPY

Jeremy Corbyn is a communist spy! Says who? Again we see the establishment showing their true colours and it’s tainted with a touch of fear. Both the...

Reasons to Leave the EU

Ten Reasons to Vote ‘Leave’ 1) Public monopolies in healthcare, energy and rail - all official Labour Party manifesto policies - are prohibited under...
Lexit thought crime

Second Referendum call

Second referendum call If, and I do say 'if' we are to have a second referendum it is incumbent on the nation and politicians not...
Magic money tree

Magic Money Tree

Magic Money Trees. Truth Lies and Deception. By Professor Emeritus Mary Mellor, from University of Northumbria That’s right there are two magic money trees. Both the...
tony Blair deception

Second Referendum

So You Want a Second Referendum. So You Want a Second Referendum. It is suggested that Labour party members overwhelmingly support a second referendum. That alone...

It started with a coup.

The Labour Party had just elected our new leader Jeremy Corbyn he entered the leadership competition as the Left underdog a token gesture by...


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Paul Knaggs
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