Police officer seriously injured and another hurt after attack in central London

police officers stabbed
Two police officers stabbed near Leicester Square in central London

Two police officers have been stabbed, with one understood to be seriously injured, while tackling a knifeman near Leicester Square.

Police said a man had been arrested after the incident in central London at around 6am this morning. The arrested man has been taken to hospital for treatment.

One of the Met officers has suffered multiple serious injuries, the Evening Standard reports. The injuries, while serious, are not believed to be life-threatening.

Police said the families of the officers involved have been informed. The incident is not being treated as terror-related.

The Met police said in a statement: “On Friday, 16 September at around 06:00hrs Police encountered a male with a knife in the area of Leicester Square.

“Two officers received stab wounds and are currently being treated in hospital.

Incident ‘not terror related’

The Met Police Force has confirmed the incident is ‘not terror-related’.

A spokesperson said:

On Friday, September 16, at around 6am police encountered a male with a knife in the area of Leicester Square. Two officers received stab wounds and are currently being treated in hospital. We await further updates on their conditions. Their families are aware. The incident is not being treated as terror related.

The A401 Shaftesbury Avenue is shut in both directions between Piccadilly Circus and Wardour Street with delays building. Haymarket sits just south of Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “This attack on serving police officers in Soho overnight is utterly appalling.

“These brave officers were doing their duty and assisting the public at this momentous time for our country.

“My thoughts and prayers are with them, their loved ones and police colleagues following this disgraceful attack. Our police officers run towards danger to protect others and keep us safe and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

“I have spoken with the new Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley about this awful incident and remain in close contact.

“Attacks against the police will not be tolerated and any perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted. I urge anyone with information to come forward to ensure the perpetrator of this disgusting attack feels the full force of the law.”

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