We want an alternative to the Tory Party, not an alternative Tory Party

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Sir Keir Starmer flops another relaunch! The only takeaway is the fact he likes Tony Blair and flag shagging.

Another attempt at a relaunch by Starmer leaves the people none the wiser on what the Labour Party really stand for.

Starmer waffled some objectives about a contract with the British people on trust, yet while he has been Leader of the Labour party he has broken virtually every promise he made, apart from uniting the Party, on that one promise, Starmer has excelled, he simply expelled all those he didn’t like, or showed Left-wing tendencies or disagreed with him.

Gone are the promises of Nationalisation, gone is the promise of a £15 an hour minimum wage, gone is the promise to increase income tax for the top 5% of earners. While we are talking money, Labour had promised a 5% pay rise for public sector workers, including nurses in its 2019 election manifesto, however, Starmer peddled that back to a measly 2.1 percent, when the Tories came back with 3 percent it left Labour with nowhere to go, showing how out of touch and more so how badly Starmer understands pay disputes or wages, he has probably never had to negotiate a pay deal in his life, however, neither percentage is nearly as much as the NHS and public workers deserve and any decent Pay rise is now left in the hands of the unions to negotiate.

Starmer is no longer abolishing the house of lords, just looking at some changes

Starmer made 10 pledges – including a commitment to “abolish the House of Lords” and “replace it with an elected chamber of regions and nations”.

He was asked about the policy on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in light of reports that the Conservative Party has been offering peerages to wealthy benefactors as a “reward” for large donations.

Starmer’s reply was far from the promise of abolishing the house, he stated: “We certainly need change in the House of Lords. What I’ve done, Andrew, is I’ve set up a commission to look at the future of the UK, including the institutions such as the House of Lords. Gordon Brown is leading that and I’ll look at it,” he said.

Taking all that out of the equation, when Starmer talks about trust the only response given on social media is a constant, “Where is the Forde report?”

We all know that the report will never see the light of day, the findings if honest, can only come to one conclusion, Labour staffers worked against their own leader, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in the 2017 election, by doing so they opened the doors to a Tory victory. Starmer’s attempts at burying the report is politically criminal and speak volumes about the kind of leader he is.

buried Labour leaks
We know where the bodies are buried, only a Barrister could wrap them up in litigation

There really isn’t any substance in Starmer’s latest relaunch, let’s be honest, that is what this really was, some advisers told him to get out there and sell the Labour party while the going is good and the Tories are hanging themselves. Unfortunately for the people, Starmer’s Ronseal approach to speeches doesn’t come across well with the public, it is exactly like watching paint dry.

Again we had to endure my Dad was a toolmaker story. I’m not quite sure which part is the biggest lie! The part when he claims his Dad was looked down on in the factory, anyone in the working-class communities knows full well a toolmaker is a high-end profession, no one looks down on a toolmaker or the part he forgets to tell, his dad owned the factory. Either way, when you are aware of the real story it shows how the lies roll off Starmer’s tongue.

Starmer doesn’t offer an alternative to the Tories, he offers an alternative Tory Party, just a lighter shade of blue.

His advocation of patriotism and flags shagging in a vain attempt to win back Labour Heartlands supporters his cringy. 

I represent the demographic Starmer thinks he is appealing to, Like 60 percent of my constituency,  I voted to leave the EU, after all, this is Tony Benn’s old stomping ground of Chesterfield. I am a LeFT winger whose natural home was always the Labour Party, I am a military veteran, Starmer putting a flag up means nothing to me, however, Starmer and his second referendum policy, that disrespected my democratic vote was insulting, without coining a phrase, “the North never forgets”. 

For the Red wall, it’s easy, Labour didn’t lose the 2019 general election because of socialist type policies in its manifesto or because they didn’t like Jeremy Corbyn. 

Labour lost because of Sir Keir Starmer’s second referendum policy.

The real statistics and the only stats you should look at, run like this, Labour lost 60 seats in 2019, 6 in Scotland, 54 in England. Out of those 54, 52 voted to leave the EU. 

Repetition makes a statement seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda.

post truth politics manu melwin joy 1 638
Post-truth politics is a political culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy, and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels, it seems a shame a Labour Party Leader is using the same technique once carried out by such evil men on its own membership. Sir Keir Starmer is employing a technique that among psychologists known as the “illusion of truth” effect.

No matter how many times Starmer et al claim we rejected Corbyn and a socialist manifesto, he is wrong, he is trying to repeat a lie long enough for it to become the only truth.

People like me would never support a Right-wing Labour Party with a Leader that was responsible for the vote losing referendum policy, no matter how many flags he shags.

I still found his duplicitous nature insulting even when he became leader of the Labour party and made his first dictate to “Get Brexit done”! I just thought at that point the Remainers would see him for the grifter, he is.

Reinforcing the fact, ironically a poll out over the weekend showed the lie the centrist are trying to sell.  Jeremy Corbyn has been named as the preferred choice for Labour leader in critical Red Wall seats, according to new polling. A Deltapoll poll has shown that Corbyn joint-top among voters in the seats – all voters, not just Labour – that Labour lost in 2019 over the Starmer-made Brexit u-turn.

Jeremy Corbyn, who led the party to its disastrous 2019 loss due to the Starmer Brexit policy, is seen as the best man to step in and take charge of the Opposition should the incumbent resign for any reason. He is tied along with shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper according to the survey released over the weekend.

The findings come despite Mr Corbyn having regularly been cited as a reason for having done so badly at the ballot box in the Red Wall seats in December 2019, an obvious attempt to downgrade any socialist type policies in the future, some middle class straight from university into the Labour regime will simply say “look at 2019 the people rejected a left-wing manifesto”

This is no surprise to those who maintained an honesty about the reasons Labour lost the seats, there were three reasons BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT!

It’s a LIBLAB pack

As we enter 2022 centrist and the establishment media are softening up what remains of the Labour membership preparing them for the next step away from socialism.

Sir Keir Starmer also signalled he could be open to informal pacts with the Liberal Democrats and smaller parties at the next general election in order to remove Boris Johnson from No 10 and deprive the Tories of a majority.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats are facing calls to work more closely together at the next general election by those keen to oust the Conservatives, after the Lib Dems’ shock victory in the North Shropshire by-election.

However, scratching the surface of the North Shropshire by-election anyone with a hint of political savvy would understand that even though Starmer and the centrist have tried to downplay the result, it was as much a disaster for labour as it was for the Tories.

There was never an informal alliance there or tactical voting, people refused to vote for Labour as much as they did the Tories because they offer no alternative, Starmer parachuted in one of his Starmilites ignoring the local people and the more able local candidates only to see Labour’s historical second place fall to an embarrassing third.

We have all seen how coalitions work with the Lib Dems. Their legacy while in power was to be The Junior Partner of Tory Austerity shoring up five years of the harshest cuts in history, while seeing off the last nationalised industry the post office, sold at a bargain bucket price losing billions in the sale.

But this does bring to mind the prophetic words of Tony Benn

Tony Benn free radical

“If the Labour Party could be bullied or persuaded to denounce its Marxists, the media – having tasted blood – would demand next that it expelled all its Socialist and reunited the remaining Labour Party with the SDP to form a harmless alternative to the Conservatives, which could then be allowed to take office now and then when the Conservatives fell out of favour with the public.

Thus British Capitalism, it is argued, will be made safe forever, and socialism would be squeezed of the National agenda. But if such a strategy were to succeed… it would in fact profoundly endanger British society. For it would open up the danger of a swing to the far-right, as we have seen in Europe over the last 50 years.” ― Tony Benn

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