There’s nothing going Spare for the working class

Prince harry Spare
Researchers found 11% of people at some point over the last month they went hungry because they did not have enough money.

While the media and politicians act out the Royal drama the real crisis of a sinking NHS and the Hunger pangs of empty bellies go unheard.

This is the sixth richest country in the world, a country where researchers found 11% of people at some point over the last month went hungry because they did not have enough money, the media are concentrating on a Royal fallout instead of the real issues.

It is a country where nothing reflects best the media manipulation and the corruption of democracy than when people are more obsessed about the machinations, outrages and narcissisms of a Royal family that’s power is based upon a thousand years of inherited privilege rather than the very real ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ or a ‘Broken NHS’.

Where the fixation on a right Royal falling out may seem to some as the unravelling of the establishment and the ruling class it most certainly is not.

These scandals have been prevalent in every generation from every Royal house since and before the Norman invasion.

However, no matter how this latest Royal scandal pans out, you can be assured that the monarchy’s future is not in peril, not yet at least. The only thing they have to lose, as Dennis skinner once said, nearly 20 years ago in another royal crisis, he exclaimed: is their mystique.

“It’s not because there’s been a massive sweep of Republicanism, it’s because they’ve dug their own pit.”

He went on to explain that the rising opposition to the monarchy stems from them trying to be both regal and relatable at the same time.

Dennis Skinner went on to say: “They want to be, on the one hand, mysterious, and on the other way and to be in the public eye – and you can’t be both.

“You can’t be both regal and common at the same time, and that’s what they’ve tried to be.

“They want to be in the footlights, they want to be like soap opera stars.

“My view is they’ve stripped away those veneers themselves.”

Skinner in his practical wisdom suggested that they have lost some of their support by stripping away the mystery and the illusion that they are different from everyone else.

Harry’s book ‘Spare’ has proved that theory wrong! When it comes to bitter fallouts, at least most of the working class have the decency to keep family matters in the family and not sell every last wrong word to the shitehawks of the media.

No, the Royals are not just like us, we wouldn’t stoop so low!

The working class crisis is a real crisis

Unfortunately for the people, the real crisis affecting our everyday lives are not being played out in the media, hardly a word is uttered by politicians about the continued cost of living crisis, and no remedy is being proposed to combat the rising inflation caused by profiteering Energy companies, and definitely no fix for a broken NHS.

There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years.

George Orwell

At a time when British households are only halfway through a two-year cost of living crisis, with average incomes likely to fall by more than £2,100, we need to focus on the real issues.

“The crisis is already taking its toll on families, with over six million adults reporting they are going hungry as a result.

“Low-income families have been hit hardest by soaring energy bills and food prices, and are most likely to have seen both their financial circumstances and their health deteriorate.

These are the real issues, that have very real consequences. Crisis made and exasperated by incapable politicians, crisis brought about by the collaboration of successive governments working not for the people they are supposed to represent but for the greed of the oligarchy.

These are the crisis that have real-life consequences that will result in another pyramid of corpses, but at least we remain entertained watching a modern interpretation of some Shakespearean tragedy turned into pantomime while all around us fail.


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