The Starmer Deception: The Rule of Oligarchy

Starmer, Mandelson, Trilateral commission
Starmer, Mandelson, Trilateral commission

The Starmer Deception

‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’

George Orwell, 1984

Let’s be clear – when Keir Starmer glibly insists he “always knew” Labour would lose in 2019, recognise it as the arrogant confession of premeditated sabotage that it is. This was no mere miscalculation or political misstep, but the culminating phase of a calculated inside job meticulously orchestrated over years to extinguish the very prospect of democratic socialism taking root in Britain.

Labour’s crushing defeat cannot be simply waved away as fallout from trumped-up antisemitism smears, Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed unelectability, or even an unpopular manifesto. No, this devastation represented the long-desired outcome that Starmer himself relentlessly manoeuvred toward from his position as Shadow Brexit Secretary.

By cynically foisting an alienating second referendum policy upon the party against the overwhelming opposition of Labour’s working-class heartlands, Starmer wilfully undermined his own side. His arrogant dismissal of strident warnings from pro-Leave constituencies like the Red Wall seats ultimately haemorrhaged stoked the self-immolation he harboured as his true strategic objective.

For Starmer’s subversive agenda extended far beyond short-term electoral sabotage. His path to controlling a gutted Labour Party was merely Phase One of a counter-revolutionary stratagem aimed at symbolically repudiating any substantive challenge to neoliberal capitalist dominion over Britain’s political and economic sphere.

With his ascendance, the fanatical Remoaner pivot-turned-populist metamorphosed into a Jimmy Savile of institutional Labour – violating the very body he professed allyship with. His whiplash policy reversals confirmed his overarching purpose – to ritually renounce transformative socialism as a relic and consign Labour to its preordained role as a Tory-lite husk neutered of any true redistributive economics.

Let’s call this grand deception what it is – the long-awaited denouement of an orchestrated subversion plot extending far beyond Starmer’s role as a treacherous Blairite patsy. This devastating outcome represents an audacious counter-insurgency aimed at decapitating Britain’s democratic left at the behest of anti-democratic forces utterly hostile to economic justice or popular sovereignty taking root.

So when Starmer boasts of “always knowing” the 2019 result, understand you’re witnessing a Judas’ gleeful recounting of his prized betrayal. The opening salvo of a war still raging between Britain’s commonfolk and a transnational oligarchy dedicated to perpetuating their subjugation by whatever means proved necessary – no matter how cynically destructive.

Starmer has revealed the grand deception in broad daylight. Heed his arrogance, for it lays bare the unbridled contempt in which we’re held by the very forces he exists to serve. Now it’s our turn to counter-strike as only a roused populace can.

Where Sir Keir Starmer had the audacity to declare that the 2019 result was down to the unpopularity of one person – Jeremy Corbyn – and that Labour’s left-wing policies in its manifesto of hope meant that the party was unelectable.

The reality, Starmer hopes to shovel dirt and bury deep any Left wing agenda of the Labour Party and socialism in general.

I think people who betray those who gave them power are the real threat. The people who stay true to those who put them in power – these are the people I admire, not those who climb into power on the backs of others and kick away the ladder.

– Tony Benn 

The Trojan Horse of the People’s Vote: Starmer’s Role in the Party’s 2019 Collapse

trilateral commission
Keir Starmer and the Trilateral Commission

Let’s be clear, it was the vote losing second referendum that lost Labour any chance in the 2019 election, a policy pushed by the then Shadow Brexit minister, Sir Keir Starmer, now Labour Leader.

Understanding the biggest change from the vote winning 2017 GE was the decision to no longer respect the result of the referendum to a vote losing second referendum, which killed Labour’s chances of any success.

Let us revisit the trail of treachery. In 2018, I sounded the alarm that Starmer’s relentless championing of a second Brexit referendum would prove Labour’s undoing and clear his path to the leadership.

In 2017, Corbyn propelled Labour from 30% to 40%—the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945. However, by altering Labour’s Brexit policy and introducing Keir Starmer’s vote-losing second referendum stance, Labour’s support plummeted to 32% in 2019. This led to the loss of 52 Leave seats while being sabotaged from within.

It was then the seeds of deception were planted when Starmer, as Shadow Brexit Secretary, relentlessly championed a second referendum on EU membership despite overwhelming opposition in Labour’s Heartlands.

For make no mistake, the disastrous second referendum policy that Starmer himself foisted upon the party was the central factor in its undoing in 2019. Out of the 60 seats Labour lost, 6 were in Scotland, an ongoing trend, 54 in England. Of those 54, a staggering 52 were in overwhelmingly pro-Leave Red Wall constituencies that simply could not abide the party’s metropolitan indifference to their unambiguous democratic mandate.

The Starmer Project: A Journey to the Right

Labour remainers
Starmer supporting Mandelson’s people’s Vote

The revelations laid bare in Oliver Eagleton’s “The Starmer Project” cast an incriminatingly conspiratorial light on the current Labour leader’s motives and machinations during the Brexit saga. Far from a mere bystander, Starmer, then serving as the party’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, was not only an active participant but by many accounts, the prime architect working to sabotage any coherent left-wing Brexit position.

During the protracted “Brexit wars” between 2016 and the UK’s eventual withdrawal in January 2020, Starmer consistently thwarted attempts at finding a viable compromise that could have united Labour’s working class base. In private talks between Theresa May’s government and Corbyn’s team to forge a cross-party deal, May’s former chief of staff Gavin Barwell claims in his memoir that “Starmer was not prepared to settle for anything that didn’t include a confirmatory vote.” An uncompromising stance that effectively stymied any potential resolution.

It became increasingly evident that Starmer was not advocating for the Labour Party’s interests, but solely for his own ideological agenda and future political ambitions. He systematically prevented Corbyn from adopting the very left-populist Brexit position that could have rallied the disaffected working class. He obstructed Labour from supporting May’s proffered compromise, instead ruthlessly manoeuvring the party towards endorsing a second referendum – a position that would prove utterly disastrous at the polls.

Accounts from Oliver Eagleton’s exposé highlight the farcical depths of Starmer’s subterfuge. In one extraordinary episode during the cross-party negotiations, when tasked with reviewing a draft customs union proposal to be presented by May, Starmer audaciously claimed he “could not possibly put his name to that.” Only for it to be revealed, to his embarrassment, that Starmer himself had authored the very draft in question.

The “People’s Vote” campaign emerges as perhaps the most cynically orchestrated ploy – a thinly veiled attempt not only to undermine democracy itself, but to simultaneously ensnare Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in an untenable, uncompromising position from which he could not escape unscathed.

With every intransigent manoeuvre, Starmer’s machinations appear explicitly calculated to immolate Labour’s credibility with its core constituencies, paving his own dynastic ascent as the anointed “electable” moderate. A Manchurian candidate paradoxically hell-bent on reducing to ashes the very movement he’d once sworn to champion.

In pushing this alienating policy against the expressed will of Labour’s base, Starmer actualised a deception likely years in the making – sacrificing his party at the altar of anti-democratic globalism to clear his own path to the leadership. An inside job of treacherous proportions.

Looking back the pieces fall into place with insidious precision – a grand conspiracy unfolding before our very eyes, meticulously choreographed to extinguish the last flickering embers of hope for the working classes here in Britain. Sir Keir Starmer, the supposed moderniser ushering Labour into a new progressive era, is in actuality a Trojan Horse strategically deployed to disembowel the Labour Party from within.

His calculated promotion of Labour’s doomed second referendum policy ahead of the 2019 general election was no mere miscalculation, but a willful act of sabotage, one he and his Blairite followers distance themselves from now. Starmer knew full well that doubling down on reversing Brexit would decimate Labour’s support across swaths of its traditional ‘working class’ base. While we warned and warned of the impending Red Wall collapse he pushed and pushed the referendum forward anyway, clearing the decks for the party’s resounding defeat and Corbyn’s ouster.

Some may argue that Corbyn, as leader, was ultimately responsible for the policy. But the reality is that Corbyn found himself besieged by relentless pressure from the Remainer faction within his own party. Up until Starmer’s pivotal 2018 speech at the Labour conference advocating for a second referendum, Corbyn had steadfastly mandated ‘No second referendum.’ However, he was outmanoeuvred and outgunned by the well-coordinated Remainer forces, spearheaded by none other than Starmer himself. Corbyn’s capitulation was perhaps inevitable in the face of such an orchestrated insurrection from his own ranks.

Starmer’s Machiavellian ploy paid off precisely as envisioned. With Labour in tatters post-2019, he materialised to seize the rubble – an eminently “electable” changeling installed to excise the last vestiges of economic populism. A self-professed socialist who promptly torched his own stated policies the moment he’d consolidated power.

Suddenly the grand pledges to nationalise, scrap tuition fees, and tax the wealthy and anything that would redress the balance of a rapidly unequal society dissipated like morning mist – callously discarded as so many props to be shed once their utility had lapsed. The people’s champion unmasked himself as capital’s emissary, recasting Labour as a husk of populist platitudes concealing an entirely different ideological core.


Starmer’s volte face laid bare his true purpose – to perform the ritual repudiation of any vaguely transformative, redistributive agenda. To cast Labour back into its preordained role as Tory-Lite, a neutered watchdog fiercely guarding capital’s preeminence.

Each subsequent repudiation of progressive values, each performative pivot towards the centre-right, reinforces an inescapable truth: that Starmer is an avatar for something larger and more nefarious than his own personal ambition. He is the spearhead of an establishment insurgency – a counterrevolutionary force calculated to render any substantive left-wing movement institutionally unviable.

For as his political Godfather Mandelson has decreed, the left must perpetually “lose, lose, lose” lest the unthinkable spectre of economic democracy ever graces the British Isles. Starmer’s ascendance represents the completion of New Labour’s counter-revolution – the final entombment of any substantive challenge to neoliberal capitalist dominion.

Lord Mandelson’s baleful augury that left-wing parties are inherently “unelectable” shall beat like the dying heart of left-wing mainstream politics, a rhythmic “lose, lose, lose, lose, Blair, Blair, Blair, lose, lose, lose, Starmer” shall become a perpetual mourner’s threnody ushering in an oligarchic future where the tawdry pantomimes of Tory and Labour constitute mere narrative veneers obscuring an authoritarian Uniparty system.

Let’s call this rotten deception what it is – an orchestrated subversion plot extending far beyond Starmer’s role as a treacherous Labour patsy. This is an all-out counter-insurgency by anti-democratic forces utterly hostile to the notion of economic justice and popular sovereignty taking root.

So let none be fooled – this is no mere policy pivot or shift of political pragmatism. It is the terminal phase of a years-long, multi-pronged subversion actively choreographed by anti-democratic forces utterly hostile to the prospect of a genuinely redistributive socialism taking root.

Keir Starmer, he scornfully remarked: He’s returning the Labour Party to a party that’s reliably obedient to power, that will be Thatcher-lite in the style of Tony Blair and that won’t ruffle the feathers of either the US or anyone who’s important in Britain.

Noam Chomsky

From Corbyn’s politically sabotaged near-miss to Starmer’s installation atop Labour’s disembowelled husk, we’re witnessing the systematic decapitation of Britain’s democratic left. An inside job executed with ruthless precision – but whose machinations extend far beyond the puppet masters festering in plain view.

For in Starmer’s hollow victory, the masses will glimpse their own inexorable demise – a future of immiseration punctuated by hollow Tory-lite rebrands cyclically anointed to preside over an accelerating transfer of economic rights from worker to oligarch. Policy distinctions ossified into mere theatre masking a unitary agenda of upward wealth translocation.

So heed the call, brothers and sisters. Shrug off the veils of manufactured inevitability propagated by this rigged system’s executors. A Starmer government is a Vichy regime under oligarchic occupation – a superficial puppet manoeuvred to gaslight us towards futile dead-ends while the status quo entrenches.

This is evident in the new Labour manifesto. With the Tory vote in freefall, even a donkey with a red rosette could waltz into No. 10. This should be a moment for radical change, but instead, we are presented with a continuity manifesto. It offers no real change.

For real change the struggling masses, the abused working classes must look elsewhere, this fourth of July. Reject Labour, reject the Tories, reject the duopoly of both parties, vote Independents, vote for the Workers Party vote for TUSC vote for SDP, vote for actual change, shake the parliamentarian tree and see what falls out.

Alternatively: ‘If You Want a Picture of the Future, Imagine a Boot Stamping on a Human Face – for Ever’ – George Orwell

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