Keir Starmer just broke the Labour Party.


Social media is rife on the Remain forums heralding Keir Starmer as the New party leader.

In one speech Starmer has managed to not only lose the support of countless Labour constituencies that voted to Leave the EU but managed to complete the Chicken coup of 2016.

Labour’s Brexit spokesman has insisted the party could back another referendum that offered voters the chance to stay in the EU.

Sir Keir Starmer used the second referendum composite vote to make his turning point political speech he stated without party support or policy the party would back a second referendum and a remain stance.

Sir Keir Starmer said the party was “certainly not ruling out” such a move.

He was speaking after shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he thought any vote should be on the terms of a Brexit deal rather than staying in the EU.

This left Jeremy Corbyn to sit through the most excruciating interview with Faisal Islam Sky News political correspondent.

Faisal could not keep the smirk, off his face as he pointed out the number of occasions Jeremy Corbyn had said Labour respects the result of the referendum.

Faisal asks how Labour is going to explain to the Leave voting constituencies pointing out of the window to Birkenhead a Labour leave voting constituency smirking yet again, saying:

“how are you going to explain to them?   

Corbyn tries to defend the motion calling it an arcane wording of the motion. Again the mention of Corbyn’s clear statement and rebuff to Tony Blair saying The referendum happened! Respect the result! Democracy happened let’s respect the result!

Fisal then delivers his knockout blow asking Jeremy Corbyn:

“When did you discover you were a Blairite?”

It was excruciating to watch and the blame can only lay at the real Blairite feet of Sir Keir Starmer the man who broke the Labour Party.

We are now placed in exactly the position I suggested in my previous article on the People’s vote. Peter Mandelson’s Peoples vote! A position that will leave the Labour party classed as untrustworthy anti-democratic.

Fisal asks, do you accept that you have sabotaged the Brexit negotiations? suggesting  Michael Barnier will now be sat in Brussels saying wow! We don’t need to give anything now because the opposition is sat there waiting to remain. It does not take much working out the Tories will now blame Labour for any and all its failings in the negotiations and no matter the truth behind it Labour will be to blame.

This one speech gives the Tories a get out of jail free pass along with the keys to no.10 for another term at least. Everything will now be the fault of the Labour Party, we will be seen as the enemy of the people be ready for a press onslaught and a Tory sanctimonious attack.

What’s more, Starmer has just placed himself in the Leader’s position and all our hopes and aspirations of a new model for Socialism with Jeremy Corbyn leading the way have been buried and drowned in the applause of conference 2018.

Starmer has just placed himself in the Leaders position
Starmer has just placed himself in the Leader’s position and all our hopes and aspirations of a new model for Socialism with Jeremy Corbyn leading the way have been buried and drowned in the applause of conference 2018

How we expect to regain or keep Leave supporting marginals is now going to be near on impossible. Remainers may not have liked what John McDonnell and Len McCluskey had to say on Monday but at least that did not jeopardize any future general election or give the right wing press such a massive box of ammunition.


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