Howard Beckett: Promises to take Boris Johnson to court on charges of Covid murders if elected General Secretary


Howard Beckett says If elected General Secretary of Unite he promises to take Boris Johnson to court on charges of 150,000 Covid murders.

Unite general secretary candidate Howard Beckett made a video statement declaring his promise to bring Boris Johnson to account for the 150k avoidable covid deaths

In the no holds barred statement Beckett the Unite union assistant general secretary and candidate for general secretary made the promise to bring Johnson to court over the murder of 150,000 covid victims.

Beckett declared: “If I am elected General Secretary, on the first day I will instruct our legal team to take Boris Johnson to court on 150,000+ charges of murder.”

Unite the Union a force to be reckoned with.

Unit is no longer the biggest union in the UK – that accolade belongs to public service union Unison – but it is the largest affiliate to Labour.

And with around 1.2 million members, Unite is very influential.

It contributed £3m to Labour’s coffers in the run-up to the last general election.

Mr Beckett, a solicitor by profession, is also an assistant general secretary of Unite the union.

He strongly opposed the Labour leader’s decision to settle legal action by – and pay what were described as “substantial damages” to – former party staff who had spoken to the BBC’s Panorama about the handling of anti-Semitism cases under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

And he supported subsequently cutting the union’s contributions to Labour by £150,000.

Starmer supporters fear he may cut funding further, were he to win.

Mr Beckett has put forward the idea of a union-funded TV station to challenge the mainstream media, and that could be at the expense of Labour donations.

A member of the party’s ruling National Executive (NEC), he led a walk-out (or a “switch-off”, as it was a virtual meeting) of left-wing members last autumn.

They were protesting against the “factional decisions” of “the current Labour leader”.

This followed Mr Corbyn’s suspension from the Parliamentary Labour Party and the elevation of Starmer ally Dame Margaret Beckett to chair the NEC.

Mr Beckett has also been critical of Starmer’s handling of the pandemic.

Beckett sounds exactly the right sort of balance the Labour movement needs to keep pushing the PLP back to the LeFT

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