MPs Deliver Verdict on Boris Johnson over Partygate

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson stepping down as an MP with immediate effect

MPs approve Johnson #Partygate report

The House of Commons has voted to accept the privileges committee report on the conduct of former prime minister Boris Johnson during Partygate.

In a momentous decision that reverberated through the halls of the House of Commons, Members of Parliament voted to accept the hard-hitting report by the privileges committee, which meticulously scrutinized the conduct of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the infamous Partygate scandal.

The resounding result spoke volumes: 354 MPs stood in favour of approval, while a paltry seven voted against.

Thus, the die has been cast – the report has received the seal of approval, emphatically confirming that Boris Johnson deliberately misled the House of Commons with regard to the clandestine lockdown parties at Downing Street.

While the public debate about #partygate may persist as a subject of contention, fervently supported by die-hard Boris Johnson enthusiasts, the annals of history have unequivocally etched Boris Johnson’s name as a liar.

With a staggering majority of 354 MPs in favour and a mere seven dissenting voices, gives a crystal clear verdict: Johnson deliberately misled the House of Commons regarding the lockdown parties at Downing Street.

As a result of his five contempts of parliament, Boris Johnson now faces the possibility of being denied an unrestricted pass to access the House of Commons.

While the decision ultimately lies with the Commons authorities, the recommendation to block Johnson’s access, endorsed by MPs on Monday, highlights the gravity of his misconduct towards the privileges committee and the British parliamentary system.

Notably, Johnson’s allies resorted to a boycott of the vote on the privileges committee’s report, a strategic manoeuvre that inadvertently exposed the extent of their dwindling support within the Conservative parliamentary party.

Their attempt to conceal this weakness by evading the vote did little to diminish the overwhelming majority of MPs who backed the committee’s findings.

The repercussions of this vote reverberate throughout the political landscape and further tarnish any legacy Johnson may have left.

As the dust settles on this momentous parliamentary decision, the consequences for Boris Johnson and his political future remain uncertain.

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