Centrist getting their ducks in a row for local election loss: Dame Margaret Hodge already blaming Corbyn


Labour set to lose 59 seats in ‘Red Wall’ councils next week but Hodge got her excuses in before a single result is called.

Voters across the country will head to the polls on 6 May as part of a ‘Super Thursday’ of local authority, devolved parliamentary, and mayoralty elections being held across Britain.

Among the list of councils holding elections are many in the North and Midlands containing constituencies where the Conservatives won seats from Labour at the 2019 general election, such as Bury, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Northumberland, and Durham.

Labour are certainly on the descent in the Heartlands and it’s not gravity that’s crashing the Party to the ground. This has been a continued descent since Blair lost Scotland.

There was a short reprieve with Corbyn’s one man campaign in the 2017 general election that held back this ebbing tide for a short time.

It’s never been a lack of socialist values from the former Labour-supporting population or a shift to the right that’s causing this exodus.

There is a sense of betrayal felt by Red wall voters. The continued assault and berating on Leave-voting socialist will have a price to pay. There is a disenfranchisement that people feel up north it doesn’t help to have a weathercock leader so disconnected from the people or at least those outside his middle-class circle or more so those that call the tune he promptly dances to.

Where it is true Corbyn had many faults, it is true to say he was more than adequate at inspiring the masses. Without Corbyn Labour does not have the ability to create a coherent vision of a more equal society, one where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed, instead, we are presented with the best of two evils, Tories or Tory-lite. The establishment has decread socilisim in any form wiil never allowed a foothold in the UK and for this reason, Corbyn will be further villainised by the centrist, a constant scapegoat by the lesser of two evils.

This right-wing Labour Party are preparing for defeat and ready to blame anyone but themselves.

Even before the results of this weeks coming local elections Dame Margaret Hodge got her licks in and pointed the finger directly at Jeremy Corbyn for the predicted Labour losses.

Sky’s Sophie Ridge asked Dame Hodge the direct question regarding Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party’s polling position while pointing out the likelihood of losing another Red Wall seat and historic Labour constituency of Hartlepool.

Dame Hodge was quick of the mark to blame both the 2019 general election result and Jeremy Corbyn, Hodge claimed Labour needed to build up trust, on that we all agree but to suggest any pending losses for Labour fall at Jeremy Corbyn feet is at best spiteful but in reality, just another excuse for the fact Labour has cooked its own Goose when it comes to the Leave voting constituencies up North.

We all warned you this would happen.

However, Starmer understood that fact, when he pushed his second referendum manifesto onto Labour knowing full well that over 60% of its constituencies voted to leave the EU. The shame is that so many good former MPs and councillors in the Labour Heartlands have had to suffer for his ambitions or more to the point his mission.

When the results are in and the worst is realised those still true to the working-class socialist foundations and principles of the Labour Party should hold Starmer to account and remove him.

Labour’s only chance in the future is to turn LeFT

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