Friday, July 10, 2020


Tom Watson peerage rejected

Former deputy Labour leader’s nomination believed to have been rejected...

Coronavirus: The Tory gamble that could see thousands more die.

The Government are gambling with our lives, scientists warn that...

Silent ‘Doctors not martyrs’ protest outside No10 during Clap for Carers

A group of doctors in scrubs and masks held a...

Christmas really did come to leave voting Sunderland: Nissan makes U.K. European HQ

A Boost for Britain! Nissan says car making in Europe...

Flouting the law: Dominic Cummings investigated by police breaking lockdown rules

DOMINIC Cummings was investigated by police after flouting coronavirus lockdown...

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A kick in the teeth: BBC to go ahead with over-75s TV licence fee changes

The end of the free TV licence for over-75s will feel like a “kick in the teeth” to pensioners, campaigners have said.

The day they tried to cancel Chomsky

NOAM CHOMSKY is among 150 public figures to sign controversial letter denouncing ‘cancel culture’ The letter states they applaud...

Coronavirus: Winners and losers of the government Budget plan to revive economy

There is no Magic money tree, turns out there's a forest full. Winners and losers of the Budget - free vouchers,...


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