Board of Deputies not the only Voice in Town

Jewish Voice for Labour

Jenny Manson, Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour

Jeremy Corbyn meets leaders of one group of the Jewish community ‘The Board of Deputies of British Jews’ amid an ongoing row about the rise of anti-Semitism among Labour supporters.

Let’s be very clear this is one group of the Jewish community and not all Jewish community groups feel the same way.
While they are representative of some British Jews they are not representative of all British Jews. There are lots of groups that represent British Jews and it seems their views are less hostile towards Labour.

The Labour Party that as lead the fight against Antisemitism and any form of racism from its conception.

Jenny Manson Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour Asks for the one thing that seems to be missing in most points of British politics evidence.

No one is in any doubt that Antisemitism exist and should be stamped out at every opportunity but not all Jewish groups especially Jewish groups on the Left wing of politics agree with the right wing Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Jenny Manson, Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL): “I want serious consideration of antisemitism in the Labour Party” [evidence led]. “I do not want any more allegations treated as truth and being used to criticise the Labour Party.” “The Conservative Party…have got links with some of the right wing parties in Europe and I am very concerned about that.” “I have been in the Labour Party for 50 years, I have never experienced antisemitism” inside the Party.

If you want to know more about the Jewish voice of Labour popover and follow this link.

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