Mandatory Reselection

open selection

Mandatory Reselection, Democracy in practice. 

The current process of ‘trigger ballots’ is far from adequate to choose our representatives. We believe that any such ‘checks and balances’ should be abolished. Members should have the right to easily chose who should represent them and their constituency. We need a system of true mandatory selection. Quite simply, everybody who wants to stand as MP (including the sitting MP), should have to put themselves forward to the local members who should decide in a democratic and transparent vote.

Labour MPs are not independents, solely elected by their constituents. They are selected by the Labour Party and benefit from Labour funds, national party campaigning, local members on the ground etc. As such they should be accountable to the party and in particular to local members before each election.

Many Party members are now of the view that some Labour MPs take insufficient account of the views of their CLP and of Annual Conference, our Party’s sovereign body. One reason for this is that adequate mechanisms of accountability are non-existent in our Party. Effectively, a Labour MP in a ‘safe’ seat has a ‘job for life’ – well into their 80s in some cases. Indeed, some Labour MPs in Scotland clearly took this view until, of course, ‘safe’ Labour seats ceased to exist north of the border.

In any job today performance is measured, the performance of your local MP should be measured every 5 years.  If they have represented their constituency along with the party giving a good performance then what’s the issue in Mandatory Reselection. Politics is a business both of state and the CLP’s they represent and like any business in this modern world they are not expected to carry dead wood.



Opening the doors to new talent it can motivate even the flattest of Parliamentary members to achieve. As Labour Party members, we believe that the selection process for MPs needs to change. At the moment, a party member can't challenge a sitting Labour MP unless they mount a negative campaign against them. It's off-putting to potential candidates, and means only a handful of open contests have happened in Labour-held seats in nearly 30 years. We want a process that gives a fair chance to all candidates and does away with this negative, divisive stage of campaigning - so it's an open contest from the start, and there are no "jobs for life". That way, local members and the sitting MP can compete for the Labour Party's backing at the general election, and run positive campaigns about issues local voters really care about. Sign the petition now to back open selection, encouraging a culture of democratic accountability and helping to welcome in a new generation of energised, enthusiastic, forward-looking MPs.

Mandatory Reselection opens the doors to new talent it can motivate even the flattest of Parliamentary members to achieve.

“How do we get rid of you?”

“Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system,” Benn explained. “Only democracy gives us that right. That is why no one with power likes democracy,” he would continue. “And that is why every generation must struggle to win it and keep it—including you and me, here and now”

Nothing to fear by doing your job.

If a Member of Parliament serves the people then they will look forward to a long career in representing the people.

We should not be waiting for the right moment to introduce Mandatory Reselection, it should be brought into effect at the earliest possible moment. No cries of unity while stabbing in the back, no false flags suggesting there could be a General election soon, no let’s get over this crisis first, there will always be a crisis but with Mandatory Reselection maybe we can face and work through a crisis together.
Make Mandatory reselection not just a Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, make it part of Labour Party Democracy now!

Michael Walker at Novara Media

Does a great job at explaining Mandatory Reselection please pop over and support these guys in the great work they are doing.

Update on Open Selection from Steve Hudson.

Published on Sep 21, 2018

We need everyone to engage and lobby the NEC immediately. Join us in Liverpool on Saturday for the fringe event and NEC lobby directly afterwards.
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