Thoughtcrime Witchhunt: The Oxford Union’s Battle Against Gender-Critical Feminists

Unleashing the Witchhunt: The Censorship of Gender-Critical Feminists in Academia

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

The saga surrounding Kathleen Stock’s invitation to speak at the Oxford Union has captivated media attention for weeks. Outraged by the invitation, hundreds of students are planning protests, with the LGBTQ+ society condemning the decision. The Oxford Students’ Union has severed financial ties with the Oxford Union, jeopardising its very existence. Open letters have been exchanged in a war of words between students and academics.

We’ve all heard how LGBT+ activists stormed the talk with feminist Kathleen Stock at the Oxford Union before one of them glued themselves to the floor.

Hundreds of chanting protesters marched towards the 200-year old debating society where they blared music including Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walking as Prof Stock arrived.

Professor Stock spoke for around 10 minutes before three protesters emerged from the audience of the packed hall, shouting: “No more dead trans kids”.

However, the recent uproar surrounding Kathleen Stock’s appearance at the Oxford Union has turned into a scandal of monumental proportions, rivalling even the controversial invitations extended to Holocaust deniers and far-right leaders in the past.

For weeks, the media had been captivated by the Stock story. The LGBTQ+ society condemned the invitation, leading to hundreds of students planning protests. while playing the video below the chants from protesters can be heard over the debate.

The Oxford Students’ Union went so far as to sever its financial ties with the Oxford Union, jeopardising its own finances. Open-letter battles between students and academics have waged on. Even, the prime minister Rishi Sunak weighed in, throwing support behind Stock.

All this frenzy surrounds a woman whose supposed transgression is believing in the biological reality of sex – a view shared not only by the majority of the British public but also supported by irrefutable scientific evidence.

All this commotion revolves around a woman who, despite defamatory claims made by her critics, has never exhibited hatred toward transgender individuals or any other group, to the best of my knowledge. In her allegedly heretical book, “Material Girls,” Stock explicitly states from the outset that trans people deserve dignity, respect, and legal protection.

In essence, the uproar stems from someone who holds utterly mainstream views on sex and gender.

The witchhunt targeting Stock and other gender-critical feminists, who have faced harassment and job loss for challenging prevailing trans ideology and defending women’s sex-based rights, has perplexed even center-left observers for years.

And finally, the Oxford Union realised the debate on Youtube…

Watch the Full Debate: Kathleen Stock Questioned by Oxford University Students

I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.

― Oscar Wilde

The Struggle for Free Expression in the Age of Trans Ideology

The rise of cancel culture is a phenomenon that commentators like Christopher Hitchens who spoke passionately about the rights of free speech would have undoubtedly dissected with his characteristic wit and incisive analysis. It is a world where the woke inquisitors, in their relentless pursuit of ideological purity, have turned the public square into a minefield of potential offence. In this Kafkaesque landscape, the mere accusation of transgression is enough to destroy careers, reputations, and lives.

The proponents of this new order argue that they are fighting for justice and equality, but in reality, they have weaponized empathy and wield it as a tool of oppression. They claim to champion the marginalized and the voiceless, yet their actions betray a desire for power and control, a lust to dominate the conversation and purge it of all dissent. In their zealous crusade, they have become the very oppressors they purport to resist.

This battle is characterised by a clash between traditional values and progressive ideals, with both sides holding strong beliefs regarding issues such as immigration, LGBTQ rights, gender roles and race. The culture wars have become increasingly prominent in the UK many subjects migrated from the US in recent years, with the rise of progressive liberalism and political correctness.

For centuries, women have been instructed to keep quiet and endure. But it should come as no surprise that some women find the strength to persevere, regardless of the threats from privileged middle-class boys and girls who pursue no cause worthier than their own self-obsession. Where are their voices when it comes to fighting for the rights of disabled individuals, a far larger and objectively discriminated-against group? But alas, disability is hardly a trendy cause, is it?

Since the notorious incident in 2011 when radical feminist Julie Bindel was officially No Platformed by the National Union of Students LGBT conference, the realisation has struck commentators that censorious tactics once reserved for fascists are now being employed against feminists.

If activists want to make the argument then they should but that happens only through rigours debate and participation, not cancellation.

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