They’re Trying to Work Their ‘Wokery’ to Cancel George Galloway

George Galloway
A Wokery Witchhunt

George Galloway vs. Cancel Culture – Galloway Wins

George Galloway has found himself in the crosshairs of an unjustified Twitter cancel mob stirred up by Novara Media’s distortion of his comments on sex education. The liberal-left media outlet released a video clip where Galloway, expressed disagreement with teaching young children that non-heterosexual relationships are “exactly the same and as normal” as the traditional family unit.

Novara portrayed this as an attack on the LGBTQ community, but a closer look at the full transcript reveals something quite different. Galloway stated clearly that he wants his children “to be taught that there are gay people in the world and that they must be treated with respect and affection.” His issue is with premature sexualisation and presenting all relationship models as equally “normal” to impressionable young minds.

As Galloway articulated, “I want them to be taught that the normal thing in Britain, in society, across the world is a mother, a father, and a family.” This is an objective fact, not a judgment – heterosexual couples remain the statistical norm and primary progenitors of the human race. To claim otherwise would be untruthful.

For all human beings, our baseline for normal reflects what we experienced most in our childhood, (love, attention, neglect, deprivation, or violence). That baseline then becomes what we consider to be “normal.” For the overwhelming vast majority ‘normal is the atomic family unit. ‘Tell me what is your baseline what was normal for you?

The word “normal” simply refers to what is statistically most prevalent in society regarding family units and sexual relations. He made it crystal clear that he believes in treating LGBT individuals with respect while acknowledging the objective reality that male-female reproductive relations are the “normal” means of perpetuating the human race across generations.

To extrapolate homophobic bigotry from such an unremarkable observation is ludicrous partisan hackery, it’s as wokery as the witchhunt Novara Media has tried to create.

George Galloway who also happens to be a practising catholic has been crystal clear – he believes in treating all people, regardless of sexuality, with dignity and respect. What he won’t abide by is indoctrinating children with contested teachings that run counter to the values of most families. In this, he stands with the sacred duty of all parents to guide the moral education of their offspring as they see fit.

The backlash from the Twitterati was as predictable as it was disingenuous. It seems they cannot abide by his vigorous defence of working-class interests and searing critiques of the Labour Party’s callous abandonment of its base.

Ask yourself why Novara Media is so eager to kneecap one of the only remaining anti-establishment voices unafraid to speak truth to power. An unwavering anti-imperialist, Galloway has drawn attention to the shameful Western complicity in the genocide being inflicted on the Palestinian people by the apartheid Israeli state. He conducted a stunning breakthrough in the Rochdale by-election that threatened to derail Starmer’s Blairite husk.

Could it be that Galloway’s brand of progressive patriotism and working-class populism represents an existential threat to the champagne socialist set? After all hasn’t Starmer been shagging the flag for two years hoping to win back this demographic, these Red Wall voters that are now turning on mass to the Workers Party?

Could it be that now seated in Parliament, Galloway’s resonant working-class populism and withering attacks on the corruption permeating our political system terrify those who would maintain the neoliberal capitalist order.

This latest smear campaign represents the establishment liberal Left’s desperation to cling to dwindling relevance by cancelling any voice that disrupts their cosy consensus. For all their pretensions of radicalism, these “woke” Guardianistas are as eager as any Tory to enforce ideological conformity and ostracize those who dare question their orthodoxies.

What’s truly risible is that the amateurs at Novara Media actually thought they could ambush George Galloway – the oratorical titan who so deftly outgunned and humiliated a committee of senior U.S. politicians two decades ago that the video still goes viral, leaving viewers in awe of his masterful articulation and searing rhetoric.

Did they really believe their pathetic bad-faith smear could fell a man whose lancing dismantling of American overreach and imperial hubris has achieved legendary status?

Novara Media Have History

Let’s not beat around the bush Novara media have a history of attacking Left-wing populists that can articulate for the working class, remember Eddie Demesy and how they tried to bring him down – their attacks on Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson. this is a cynical attempt to discredit Galloway by painting him as a bigot, just as he’s gaining ground. The people deserve better than such underhanded tactics from supposed “comrades.”

For those who still believe in free speech, open discourse, and a labour movement focused on uplifting the struggling masses, this latest smear represents a new low. In these divisive times, we should celebrate voices like Galloway’s that bring people together across old party lines rather than sowing manufactured outrage.

Again for those in any doubt, Galloway clearly stated his respect for the gay community the transcript:
“Well, no. Three of my children go to a Catholic School in Scotland, so they have some protections for the moment, although the SNP government’s threatening to remove some of those protections. But my other two school children are taught in England things that I don’t want them to be taught and at an age I don’t want them to be taught that relationships—that gay relationships are exactly the same and as normal as a mum, a dad, and kids. I believe I want my children to be taught that the normal thing in Britain, in society, across the world is a mother, a father, and a family.”

“I want them to be taught that there are gay people in the world and that they must be treated with respect and affection, as I treat my own gay friends and colleagues with respect and affection. But I don’t want my children to be taught that these things are equal because I don’t believe them to be equal. Apart from anything else, the human race would no longer exist if it was normal; then it would be the end of humanity over a couple of generations.”

Making ground…

With the Workers Party growing come the next general election the people will vote for the resounding voice of George Galloway – a true tribune of the working masses who puts the interests of the people first without equivocation or apology. While the liberal smart-set snarls about pronoun policing, Galloway actually addresses the economic realities upending families nationwide. This is the audacious, patriotic socialism that resonates in the ruins of our once-proud industrial heartlands.

So let the bad-faith smears and dishonest liberal hit pieces rain down. They only further expose the desperation of a discredited ruling class petrified of a man unafraid to speak truth to power. The more the increasingly authoritarian servants of the status quo seek to silence Galloway, the louder his clarion call for a new populist left rings out across the land. The people know an authentic voice of their own when they hear it. In that, they shall resoundingly renew their voice in Parliament.

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