The Battle for Women’s Rights: Starmer’s Retreat and the Rise of the Party For Women

party of women

Starmer’s U-Turn on Trans Rights: Too Little, Too Late!

Once again, Sir Keir Starmer has demonstrated his utter lack of backbone when it comes to standing up for women’s rights against the onslaught of gender ideology. His recent pathetic attempts to backtrack on his previous embrace of the pernicious notion of “self-identification” for trans individuals are too little, too late.

Let us not forget that just two years ago, this so-called leader of the Labour movement committed to introducing self-ID, a policy that would have allowed any man to simply declare himself a woman and gain access to female-only spaces and services. Starmer showed his true colours then, willingly sacrificing the safety and dignity of women at the altar of trans activism.

Now, faced with the prospect of losing ground to genuine feminist voices, Starmer is attempting to rebrand himself as a defender of common sense. Party strategists last month told Sky News Sir Keir would lose the general election campaign “on day one” unless he shifted his position on transgender rights.

How convenient that Starmer has finally remembered that biology is, in fact, real – but only after years of pandering to a vocal minority of gender ideologues hellbent on erasing the very concept of biological sex. His recent remarks about “the vast majority of women” not having a penis were hardly the ringing endorsement of reality that many hoped for.

Let’s not mince words here: Starmer’s refusal to unequivocally acknowledge that no woman can have a penis is a cowardly capitulation to the forces of anti-science delusion. As the indomitable Laura Dodsworth so aptly put it, “The one thing Boris Johnson has over Keir Starmer is that he knows what a woman is.” So can Rishi Sunak!

And what of the Labour leader’s belated attempt to walk back his party’s attack on Rosie Duffield, the MP who dared to speak the simple truth that only women have a cervix? Duffield endured years of vicious bullying, threats, and ostracisation from her own party for standing up for women’s rights – all while Starmer refused to lift a finger in her defence.

MP Rosie Duffield
Rosie Duffield, Labour MP

Now, as the flames of gender insanity threaten to consume what little is left of Labour’s credibility on women’s rights, Starmer expects us to believe that he’s had Duffield’s back all along. What an utterly transparent falsehood from a man who has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to sell out not only women but any and everything for political expediency.

The real tragedy in all of this is how large swaths of the left have become so enthralled by the pseudo-religious dogma of gender ideology that they are willing to discard science, logic, and the fundamental rights of women. When they can sell you the notion that ‘your nan is a man,’ the very fabric of reality unravels, and we’re left in a dystopia where George Orwell warned: ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.'” ― A world where people are left silent, accused of ‘Thoughtcrime’ for uttering the truth.

The ‘woke’ are sleepwalking into a dystopia and are happy to drag us all along.

Many on both sides of the political sphere have taken a stance declaring enough is enough. They will not remain silent as our very ability to acknowledge biological reality is branded a “thoughtcrime.” while children are indoctrinated into a cult of gender delusion that would see them sterilised and mutilated in the name of a repressive new orthodoxy.

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That is why brave women like Charlotte Hawkins, Sally James, Esther Knight, Sarah Freeman, and Tara Hughes, members of the ‘Party for Women’ have taken it upon themselves to become the tribunes of truth and common sense. These are women who refuse to be cowed by the Orwellian language police, women who will shout from the rooftops that “no woman has a penis” and “no man has a vagina.” As Hawkins, a paramedic grounded in medical science, so eloquently puts it: “I am not able to do nothing. I am fearful for my daughter’s future, and as her mother, it is my job to ensure her safety and dignity.”

The Party Of Women was founded by Kellie-Jay Keen to make sure that people can safely say :

  • “No woman has a penis”
  • “No man has a vagina”
  • There is no valid concept of “non-binary”
  • “Transitioning” children is considered a form of abuse

If elected, these heroic candidates of the Women’s Party have vowed to take direct action against the scourge of gender ideology in our schools, hospitals, and public services. They will empower medical professionals to resist the enforced delusions of activist ideologues and ensure that our children are protected from the psychological abuse masquerading as “gender affirmation.” Just as the Suffragettes boldly fought for women’s rights a century ago, so too are these modern warriors defending the very essence of womanhood.

Let this be a wake-up call to all who have forgotten the battles hard-won by our foremothers. The Women’s Party are the tribunes of truth crying out “No woman has a penis! No man has a vagina! Your nan is not a man!” As George Orwell wrote, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.” The tide of history is turning, and it will be the fearless feminist voices of the Women’s Party who will lead us from this nightmarish experiment in anti-reality.

No longer can we tolerate the fundamental truth of womanhood being denied and erased. The Women’s Party is reclaiming women’s language, spaces, and rights from those who would dissolve them in an acid bath of unsubstantiated gender theory. This is a battle for biological reality itself – and it is one that these brave women, like the Suffragettes before them, intend to win. Lest we find ourselves in the Orwellian world where “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength,” we must heed their call.

When you go to the polls tomorrow, use your 2 minutes of power in this limited democracy, vote for the truth – vote for the Party for Women and their vanguard of valorous voices defending womanhood itself.

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