Second Referendum call

Lexit thought crime

Second referendum call

If, and I do say ‘if‘ we are to have a second referendum it is incumbent on the nation and politicians not to allow the right-wing to set the agenda of leaving the EU, it would then be an agenda based on xenophobic and racism.

The last referendum allowed them to dominate the entire arena with very little said or argument made from the Lexit perspective.

If leave was to win again it should be because the people rejected the model of a UK within the EU not because the UK fell for the right-wing racist narrative.

In my opinion, Tony Blair, Farage, The Banks, The Tories and The EU, are more afraid of a Labour government with Jeremy Corbyn as leader.   A Labour leader that could change the complete political landscape of not only the UK but the entire EU. They are more afraid of the model a socialist UK can be outside the EU than the billions in uncertainty a second referendum would cost.

“The whole European project was a neoliberal economic agenda sold to workers like castor oil: ‘You’re not going to like the taste but it’s good for you,’” says Keen. “Well, it tastes bad and it’s been dreadful for us.”

“What globalisation has meant for the working class is deindustrialisation, falling wages, disappearing jobs. Reducing the size of the public sector, limiting union, enabling capital movement—all this stuff is supposed to lead to economic nirvana. ‘You’ll be working in the service sector but it’ll be higher paid,’” he adds. “The elite is still selling this message because the elite do very well out of this. It’s the working class being screwed.”

The tragedy isn’t merely one of injustice for workers, though. It’s also breathtakingly destructive economics. Policies like the EU’s that leave households and governments box stepping between debt and unemployment ultimately benefit creditors, banks, and big business owners. As this tiny, privileged segment of the global economy vacuums up more and more middle-class wealth, it sucks up consumer demand—the engine of global economic growth—along with it.

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