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A second referendum will not heal the Brexit divisions

So You Want a Second Referendum.

So You Want a Second Referendum.
It is suggested that Labour party members overwhelmingly support a second referendum. That alone is disputable and Labour Heartlands would challenge the pollsters to be more geographically specific in their polls. It would be quite obvious that if a thousand Labour members or supporters in London, Liverpool or Manchester were surveyed the majority would be Remainers, demanding a referendum by any means necessary to get the country to remain within the EU. But if we took a poll in Sunderland, Doncaster, Bolsover, Derby, Port Talbot or any of the 70% of Labours constituencies that voted leave the results would be vastly different.

What would Labour achieve if it decided to go back on all its previous statements of “No second referendum!” and Jeremy Corbyn’s personal statement of respecting the referendum? What happens to a new kind of politics, honest politics?

The answer is plain – very little good and a cartload of bad!

The Labour party have succeeded in walking a tightrope between its Remain metropolitan cities and stanch Leave Labour Heartlands. 70% of its Heartlands voted to leave the EU. These votes were not on small margins of 52% over 48% but substantial majorities. In short, Labour would risk losing support in these areas, maybe not by its members or hardened supporters, but by the floating voters and newly returned Left voters. What’s clear is the fact there are two camps within Labour’s broadchurch; that of the middle-class metropolitan elite; and that of the working class Labour Heartlands.

Their views on the EU are as different as their preference for latte or tea!

Who is pushing this second referendum theme where Labour take the mantle from the Lib Dems and holds the reigns of becoming the party of Remain? Is it pushed by the members? Is it by a group of concerned citizens worried about the country’s future? No, it’s Tony Blair and his Zombie politicians, leftovers from the time when Labour and the Tories were indistinguishable. The most frightening thing to happen in British politics in the 21st century is not Brexit but the real threat of a Left socialist government.

Both Tony Blair and the elite recognise this and are desperate to ensure Corbyn never gets to be prime minister.

Not only would Jeremy Corbyn be a threat to the establishment but his reforms left unchecked by the EU would be a threat that would ripple across the continent. The manifesto of 2017 was the most popular manifesto in Labour’s history. This manifesto, although not a socialist manifesto, was the nearest thing to socialism the UK had seen, its inclusion of nationalising not only the Railways but also the utilities and power companies captured the progressive left of Lexit supporters. They realised both the danger and the advantage of such a manifesto, but more, they could see with the regional bank willing to fund our Labour Heartlands it would be more than a promise of regeneration but a real investment into industry, infrastructure, and jobs.

If Corbyn were to take over as prime minister, no edit that when Corbyn becomes Prime minister, Brexit could become the vehicle for a movement of socialist renewal. Corbyn understood this better than anyone else. The Brexit referendum left Corbyn with the space he needed to promote a socialist renewal. He drew a sharp distinction between a race-to-the-bottom Brexit and a jobs-first Brexit. It’s hardly surprising that the Left of the Labour Party made a point of embracing Brexit. After all, so much of its manifesto is in direct violation of European Union law. Corbyn has vouched to regain control over energy supply networks, discriminate against companies that don’t recognize trade unions, and actively support struggling industries through state aid. These are ideas the European Commission and the European Court of Justice would find very difficult to accept. Only by leaving the EU can the party hope to implement its pledges.

In Brussels, people are wary. Frankly, everything was going well enough. European institutions and member countries were happy with the way Brexit negotiations had been shaping up. They could hardly have asked for a better opponent than a coterie of Conservatives trapped fairly or unfairly in the political maze of imperial nostalgia led by a Remain Europhile Prime Minister.

Now, they’re not so sure. If Corbyn were to take over as Prime Minister, a socialist Eurosceptic Labour leader, Brexit could become the vehicle for a movement of socialist renewal something that might capture the imaginations of southern Europeans, who have longed for exactly that for years.

So we ask once again. Why Tony Blair? And why must it be Labour who overturns Brexit?

Tony Blair works for the banks. The very same banks that backed Remain and demanded a second referendum while telling all that would listen “Jeremy Corbyn will be worse than Brexit” these are the same American banks that have been responsible for the financial crash and gave us austerity as the direct result.

Blair is a Europhile of the highest order, it’s said it was a major disappointment to him that he did not become president of the EU. Maybe this will be his reward if he does get his way, stop Brexit help create a USE and be its first elected president (I say elected because it would not matter by then, democracy would be dead anyway!) It would be in the interest of Blair, the banks, the EU and the Tories if Labour could be persuaded to become the party of Remain.

It would give the Tories their much longed for a backdoor out of leaving the EU while placing the blame firmly on Labour’s shoulders. Just as after the financial crash, for the next decade you would be listening to Tory MPs making excuses as to why the NHS has collapsed, and why we have no money to spend on social funding. Tories constantly repeating “we would have been fine if Labour had not stopped us leaving the EU. It’s their fault we are in this mess!”

The UK would be back to square one back down the slippery slope to the conservative coalition of the Tories, the EU, and the banks.

Labour would be known for one thing in the generations to come, the party that failed. Failing to grasp the moment of change. Failing to realise its chance of changing a rigged system.

Remainers are thinking they are saving the country from the Tories but in reality, they are handing back our future to the Right. Sacrificing the Left’s one true opportunity to make real changes in this country that it so desperately needs.


Labour and the Left have one opportunity to bring about real change in the UK. Change that can ripple across the entire European continent.

Our only choice is to hold fast and create a progressive Lexit strategy for the many not the few!

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