Rage against the machine: Labour party members and supporters stand in solidarity with Chris Williamson MP


Despite his suspension from the Party Chris Williamson remains one of the Labour Party’s most popular MPs

The demonization of Chris Williamson by groups, factions, MP’s and even individuals within the Labour Party machine has been unprecedented and without justification.

If anti-Semitism has not been weaponized before it certainly is right now. More accurately the accusation of being anti-Semitic certainly has.

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty yet in the halls of Westminster along with individuals including Labour MPs and lobby groups this very principled system of British justice has been conveniently discarded.

We all witnessed the video Chris Williamson a Labour party MP defending Labours history in fighting bigotry and racism his clear statement saying:

“I have got to say I think our party’s response has been partly responsible for that because in my opinion… we’ve backed off far too much, we have given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic…

We’ve done more to actually address the scourge of anti-Semitism than any other political party. Any other political party. And yet we are being traduced.

It was with these very comments Tom Watson led calls to have the Labour whip taken away from Chris Williamson. This resulted in a subsequent suspension that left many Labour members and supporters both angry and astonished.

How could such a statement be seen as anti-Semitic and why would the deputy leader of the Labour Party a supposed comrade be so quick to call for a comrade’s suspension questions many members are still rightly asking?

You can’t keep a good man down.

Chris Williamson is the career MPs worst nightmare, Williamson has spearheaded the Open section campaign otherwise known as mandatory reselection with his ‘Democracy roadshow’ a campaign that would see all Labour MPs having to stand and be reselected alongside new talent and hopefuls.

A process that opens the doors to new talent also gives an opportunity to the sitting MP to reaffirm their commitment to the Labour Party and its members. It allows for accountability and can motivate even the flattest of Parliamentary members to achieve.

For Labour movement activists at the meetings they have been “incredibly successful, with huge turnouts” — this practical and forward-looking politics is a welcome tonic.

Chris Williamson contends.

Enabling members to decide who their candidates should be before each general election is commonplace in other democracies around the world. Ceding power to members will strengthen Labour’s electoral prospects.

“Unlike many parliamentarians, grassroots members are embedded in their local communities and are the eyes and ears of our movement.

“It would make Labour more akin to every other public body in Britain, from local councils and trade unions to bowls clubs and community centres.

“Elected office holders in all these institutions are subject to periodic endorsements from their members.”

Headlines like this would never be an issue if the labour party adopted Open Selection. It would become a matter of course and not contention to stand for reselection every term not the ordeal of deselection.

70 Labour MPs including Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn face deselection before next election.

It comes after activists voted in favour of making it easier to deselect sitting MPs during Labour’s annual conference in September last year.

Sitting members would have to go through a reselection process if a third of a constituency’s local branches and affiliated unions voted for it in a “trigger ballot”.LINK

The Green New Deal Plus Modern Monetary Theory = Socialism

Chris Williamson has also been discussing MMT again this breaks with traditional thinking and challenges the dogma that running the economy is like running a household budget.

Despite the myths that have been told time and time again, states are NOT households – they run armies and banks and schools and police forces and so on.

They allocate expenditure in expectation of getting an equivalent amount of money back through taxation. There is no direct connection between public expenditure and public income. There is no state piggy bank or housekeeping allowance.

Despite the claim that states ‘printing’ money is automatically inflationary, this is not the case. What matters is the relationship between state income and expenditure and the condition of the wider economy.

The skill is to balance the money created with the money recovered via taxation. In any case, public deficits can be a good thing. They put fresh money into the economy that is then free to circulate.

MMT asks serious questions about austerity and gives real-life answers to public spending.

This again is very dangerous thinking it liberates the confines of capital enslavement for a socialist agenda more so it exposes the reality of the magic money tree.

Progressive thinking and popularity can be a very dangerous combination, although Chris Williamson continues to be one of the most popular MP amongst Labour Party members and supporters even with the whip removed.

Chris Williamson’s suspension was lifted by a sub-committee of the disputes panel of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee on June 26. For a brief moment, Williamson was again within the fold.

Watsons again lead the charge in attacking Chris Williamsons, demanding Jeremy Corbyn step in and overturn the decision to reinstate Chris Williamson as a Labour Party MP. Jeremy Corbyn had previously been under attack by Hodge and Watson accusing him of interfering in NEC business the very thing Watson was now demanding.

It seems the Labour Party Machinery is full of Gremlins Chris Williamson’s reinstatement then almost immediate retraction of the reinstatement was not just a gremlin it was the breaking of a cog in the party machine.

A combination of skulduggery and jellyfish backbones witnessed Chris Williamson being cast back into the wilderness.

Reports last week suggested he had now been referred to the party’s main disciplinary body, the National Constitutional Committee, for a full investigation. He has vowed to clear his name.

However, this did nothing to dissuade his Labour Party supporters twitter and social media is awash with the trending #Istandwithchriswilliamson

Chris Williamson Has definitely become a danger to the British establishment that includes the Labour Party; he continues to shine a Socialist light like the beacons of past and present Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn, some politicians find their calling in the ability to inspire and provide a focus for forces for radical change.

Headlines today read:

Labour facing fresh Chris Williamson row as suspended MP set to speak at ‘multiple’ events at party conference 

Chris Williamson has been asked to speak at fringe events at the Labour Party Conference it’s a reflection on its popularity and the message Williamson delivers.

Among the events Mr Williamson is listed as a speaker is a fringe event on a “green new deal” which is being hosted by the Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies.

He told Labour Heartlands that he had also been booked to speak at a number of other events in Brighton and said he would not be deterred from speaking by “malcontents”.

He said: “I haven’t got a pass yet, but I will be speaking at various fringe events at this year’s Labour Party conference.

“It’s a tragedy that a tiny but noisy minority of party members want to trash the spirit of the Human Rights Act. It’s one of Labour’s greatest achievements. Maybe these malcontents have forgotten that Labour enshrined freedom of expression into British law nearly 21 years ago.

“If these mischief-makers are genuinely interested in winning the next election, they should pipe down and devote their energies to exposing the Tories and promoting a common-sense socialist programme.”

The establishment’s campaign to take Chris Williamson’s roadshow off the road.

Recent attempts to stop Chris Williamson speaking taken place at a scheduled meeting in Brighton

Chris Williamson refused to bow to “thuggery” yesterday after a meeting in Brighton was cancelled with the venue subjected to threats of violence.

Mr Williamson had been booked to speak at a meeting in the south coast city on Thursday evening in the Holiday Inn.

But in an email seen by the Labour Heartlands, the venue cancelled the booking amid fears over the safety of its staff.

An attack on human rights and freedom of Speech.

Two men are understood to have approached the Holiday Inn and threatened hotel workers because they were hosting the MP for Derby North.

The venue was also subjected to abuse on personal social media accounts and called c***s in a string of abusive phone calls.

The Holiday Inn Brighton cancelled a speaking event following a flurry of “abuse and threats”. Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, was due to speak about tackling “the outrageous levels of poverty and inequality” by way of “a democratic socialist economy”. But the Holiday Inn Brighton informed the organisers on 6 August that it had no choice but to cancel the event.

05e1ba79 holiday inn email
Holiday Inn cancel the event because of “abuse and threats “

“Abuse and threats from members of the public on the phone, on email, and on social media outlets”
According to an email from the Holiday Inn booking service to Greg Hadfield, the event’s organiser, the hotel chose to cancel the event because of “abuse and threats from members of the public on the phone, on email, and on social media outlets”. Hadfield told The Canary that:

In the course of some of those calls [to the Holiday Inn]…. staff were called cunts – in repeated multiple phone calls.

Holiday Inn management felt they had no alternative but to cancel the booking.

It said: “Over the last 24 hours, our hotel and employees have been subjected to abuse and threats from members of the public on phone, on email, and on social media outlets.

“We cannot allow our guests and employees to be put at potential harm and we will, therefore, have to cancel your booking with the Holiday Inn Brighton.”

Chris Williamson has been targeted with spurious claims of anti-Semitism and suspended from the Labour Party, with the right clamouring for his expulsion.

But he remains enormously popular with the grassroots membership who have continued to offer support and solidarity in what they see as bureaucratic measures against the left and an attempt to derail the Corbyn project.

Chris Williamson remained undeterred and said he refused to be intimidated into silence.

Tomorrow’s meeting will go ahead “even if we have to hold it outdoors,” he told the LH,Chris Williamson said:

We will never allow thuggery and intimidation to stifle freedom of speech


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