Norway: Bow and arrow attack leaves several dead, say police

local police official Øyvind Aas

Police in Norway says a man armed with a bow and arrows has killed and injured several people.

The exact number of victims was not immediately announced by the police, who said the suspect had been arrested.

“We can, unfortunately, confirm that there are several injured and also, unfortunately, several killed,” local police official Øyvind Aas told a news conference on Wednesday evening.

“The man who committed the act has been arrested by the police and, according to our information, there is only one person involved.”

Police added the motive for the attack, in Kongsberg, southeastern Norway, was still being determined.

The incidents took place in the town of Kongsberg, 82km (51 miles) southwest of the capital, Oslo.

The Norweigan state broadcaster, NRK, is reporting five people have died – but police declined to confirm the number of casualties.

Norwegian police said they would investigate whether the attack was an act of terrorism. “It’s natural to consider whether this was an act of terror,” Aas told a press conference shortly after the attack.

Police said the suspect had been taken to a police station in the nearby town of Drammen.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) calls the attack in Kongsberg on Wednesday night where several people have been killed and several injured for a “terrible attack”.

The incoming Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre calls the attack on Kongsberg a cruel and brutal act.

  • What we have heard from Kongsberg tonight, testifies that a cruel and brutal act has been committed, says Jonas Gahr Støre.

He emphasizes that little is still known about what happened and what is behind it, but that it is known that several innocent people have been killed and that several have been injured.

  • Tonight I have been informed by Minister of Justice Monica Mæland about what has happened. My thoughts and deepest sympathy now go to those affected, their families, and to the police, health personnel and aid crews who are now working full time to obtain an overview and assist those who need help and follow-up, says Støre.

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