NEC election results are a Clear endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn

Momentum #JC9 NEC results

Today’s NEC results give a clear indication that Labour Party members want to remove the last ligatures of New Labour from its machinery. The Machinery is the NEC.

The long night of the Blairites is now on the descent, it has now entered the witching hour where the struggle for the Labour Parties soul will be finally relinquished by the right of the PLP. The Labour Party is clearly setting its foundations as the Party of the People, a Party of clear dividing lines from that of the Tories.

That indistinguishable face of the past has caused a mass exodus of both membership and support. To be very clear both membership and support have only re-emerged since Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The result that has seen all nine of Momentum’s original #JC9 slate is not an endorsement of Momentum ‘per se’ but an endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn and those that support him.

This is not the end of New Labour and the Blairites but it is the beginning of the end but just like the entity it has become, do not expect it to fade peacefully away, its very nature will scream and kick hoping to scratch deeply at the hope that Jeremy Corbyn created within the Labour Party.

New Labour still holds the PLP the Parliamentary position of a job for life now needs to be re-examined, it cannot be practical or representative if the PLP still hold sway to outdated political views when the membership have advanced in their opinions.

Mandatory reselection must be the first order of the day.

To finally place the nail in the coffin of New Labour a clear dividing line in the Parties political position must be drawn. The Labour Party must clearly state we are the Party of the Working class, we are the Party of the People.

The Labour Party can then offer a new model fit for the 21st century leaving behind its failed experiment of ‘The Third Way’.

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