The European Union must turn into a major sovereign power

Juncker calls on EU to seize the chance to become major sovereign power.

“The European Union must turn into a major sovereign power on the global stage making the world in its image,” Jean-Claude Juncker has said, setting out plans to make Europe militarily and economically independent from its traditional ally the US. In his state of the union speech, titled ‘The Hour of European Sovereignty’, the European commission president appealed to MEPs and heads of government to give the EU the powers and characteristics traditionally restricted to states. 

If that is so here a few questions for the EU from a Left perspective.

Does that mean the EU will have equal pay across the EU? Will it have a statewide minimum wage. Will each member state have the same Tax levels? What about pensions and workers rights would they become universal across the EU superstate? At what level that of the highest states or that of the poor UK pension rates? Would we all have to use the Euro? Wait, wait…Of course, I’m talking nonsense that’s not the kind of sovereign power the EU want. 

The EU wants sovereign power as an organisation that can set its own agenda. That dictates its authority on its member states whose veto will be removed. It wants to create a Superpower of Brussels! A bureaucratic centre for global business, one that sets trade deals that ignore and bypass its member states needs or concerns. Member states who would then have to give up the veto the only protection they have.

This would leave the EU to negotiates on behalf of big business at the expense of the people workers and workers rights. Juncker proposes fast-tracking EU trade deals in 2017: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker aims to solve one of the greatest weaknesses of EU trade policy by proposing fast-track ratification of trade deals that would eliminate the need for approval by some 40 parliaments across Europe.

Running the gauntlet of national and regional assemblies almost proved fatal to Brussels’ attempts to conclude a trade agreement with Canada last year, when the parliament of the French-speaking Belgian region of Wallonia came within a whisker of torpedoing the whole agreementCETA the trade deal that over million European socialist tried to stop.
Read more on CETA . Link:

There would be no fear of trade deals like TTIP being stopped just like CETA backroom deals could be completed without scrutiny from member states. In the light of trade deals like CETA and the failed TTIP, the EU should never be given such powers.

Some of the highlights of the speech:

  • Foreign policy: EU counties should no longer be able to veto the bloc’s foreign policy. Juncker proposes majority voting to decide on some areas. The same should apply to some tax matters.
  • The world today needs a strong and united Europe.
    A Europe that works for peace, trade agreements and stable currency relations, even as some become more prone to
    trade and currency wars. I am not in favour of a selfish unilateralism that defies expectations and dashes hopes. I will always champion multilateralism.
    If Europe were to unite all the political, economic and military might of its nations, its role in the world could be strengthened. We will always be a global payer but it is time we started being a global player too.
    This is why – despite great resistance at the time – I reignited the idea of a Europe of Defence as early as 2014.
    And this is why I will continue to work day and night over the next months to see the European Defence Fund and Permanent Structured Cooperation in Defence become fully operational.
    Allow me to clarify one important point: we will not militarise the European Union. What we want is to become more autonomous and live up to our global responsibilities.
    Only a strong and united Europe can protect our citizens against threats internal and external – from terrorism to climate change.
    Only a strong and united Europe can protect jobs in an open, interconnected world.
  • This is why – despite great resistance at the time – I reignited the idea of a Europe of Defence as early as 2014.
    And this is why I will continue to work day and night over the next months to see the European Defence
    Fund and Permanent Structured Cooperation in Defence become fully operational.

Sounds just a little bit like a Nuremberg rally but hey! “Strength through unity!”

Have we been here before surely we would see it coming again? After all, it usually waves a flag goose steps while stating that peace can only be maintained through power and militarisation.

Read more from Herr Juncker in his State of the Union speech entitled:



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