International Women’s Week: ‘knocked back to the 70s’ as Labour NEC chair Margaret Beckett calls Laura Pidcock a “Silly Cow”


When a female Labour MP and chair of the NEC calls another female and former Labour MP a “Silly Cow” on international women’s week it makes you wonder how far we have really come.

It was reported that Labour MP Margaret Beckett accidentally left her mic on in a Labour NEC meeting and was heard calling former Labour MP Laura Pidcock a “silly cow.” Laura Pidcock then left the call.

There was an outcry from many of the participant’s Zoom meeting, it was reported that some members had demanded Becket stand down and resign her position as chair.

On hearing the comment Howard Beckett (no relation), and others immediately demanded Margaret Beckett’s resignation. He also took the veteran Labour MP to task for the use of such a gender-based insult in the week of International Women’s Day and pointed out that members have been suspended for saying far less.

Howard Beckett tweeted: Of all of the Labour NECs I have attended today’s was the most depressing. The motion to recall conference was refused, no vote taken. When @LauraPidcock questioned how this could be explained to members Margaret Beckett called her a “silly cow”. Truly shocking.

Senior Vice President National Education Union, Daniel Kebede also Tweeted: “I can’t help thinking, had the chair of the NEC called a colleague a “Silly Cow” openly under
@jeremycorbyn… it would have been on the front cover of every tabloid and an item on 10 O’clock news.

Funnily enough, two years ago the press were baying for blood as Parliament descended into chaos as angry Tory MPs accused Jeremy Corbyn of calling Theresa May a “stupid woman”, which the Labour leader vehemently denied.

It remained a press headline for nearly a week, Corbyn actually said Stupid people which would have been an accurate assessment.

The video of the remark, made after May’s final exchange with the Labour leader, spread like wildfire among Tory MPs even as May continued to answer questions in the House of Commons.

As the Tories grew more incensed, several MPs, including the Commons leader, Andrea Leadsom, accused Bercow himself of using the same term, prompting an angry backlash from the Speaker.

However, we can be very sure today’s events will go no further and as suggested probably not even get a mention in the mainstream media.

Has one commentator on Twitter pointed out: “One thing’s for sure if someone had called Margaret Beckett a “silly cow” at the NEC meeting today they would already be suspended!”

The SKWAWKBOX reported: Others weighed in, despite attempts by Unison’s Wendy Nichols to shut the matter down. Acting general secretary David Evans has apparently conceded that at least two complaints against Ms Beckett were already in play and would be investigated.

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