We’re backing Tanbir Siddique for Labour Party SW Regional Executive Committee BAME Representative


Tanbir Siddique gave Labour Heartlands member’s his reasons why we should back him and vote him onto the South West Regional Executive Committee position of BAME Representative we hope you will too.

“The Labour Party has been the natural home of black, Asian minority ethnic (BAME) voters for generations – it certainly was for my grandparents and parents who were Labour voters before me. Equality and diversity have always been at the heart of Labour policy with minimum wage, civil partnerships, gender equality and maternity rights. Following the rapid rise in membership under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour now has an estimated 72,000 members from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

The South West may not generally have a high concentration of black and Asian ethnic minorities. However, BAME members have a voice and should be represented wherever we live to make our politics act in the interests of the society we seek to represent and to be for the many not the few. We need to ensure that everyone has a voice and receives encouragement to stand for office. We must facilitate links and engagement within local communities and build relationships with relevant organisations to increase the vote share among communities.

I am a law graduate working in finance and have a young family. As a Labour and Unite member, I support our policies committed to combating racism, re-nationalisation, opposing anti-trade union legislation, strengthening workers’ rights and implementing progressive internationalism. I campaigned tirelessly for Labour during the last general election. As a Campaign for Labour Party Democracy member, I support greater party democracy, transparency and accountability in our party.

I joined Labour after the 2017 general election. I was elected CLP BAME Officer and I have since organised regular BAME Forum meetings which has helped engage members. I have also held the role of Branch Secretary and I am now Vice-Chair (Membership). I have written Standing Orders, proposed motions, arranged social and educational events, and collaborated within digital/social media.

I am standing for the South West Regional Executive Committee position of BAME Representative to be voted by delegates at the Regional Conference on Saturday 15th February 2020 at Marriott Hotel in Bristol. I have recruited activists from community groups, brought members together to collaborate, and coordinated activity with CLPs and trade unions. With the help of Regional Organisers, I have created an unofficial regional BAME Officer network. I would like this integrated within Labour structures so BAME Officers are supported, and can share successes, contacts and ideas.

I hope the new BAME Representative role created at last year’s Conference to sit on the Regional Executive Committees will help deal with the apathy and under-representation in the South West. BAME members should be encouraged to participate in the political process and become fully involved in the work of their local party. The more members we have involved, the more we can raise awareness of BAME priorities – wider representation, attendance at meetings and events, and empowerment to campaign for a fairer, more equal and democratic society.”


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