Extremism: The War on Dissent Britain’s Slippery Slope to Authoritarianism

Resisting Tyranny
Resisting Tyranny: The Struggle for Civil Liberties in Today's Britain

Criminalising Dissent: Britain’s Dangerous Slide Towards Authoritarian Rule

Once more, the icy grip of authoritarianism tightens around the necks of Britain’s struggling masses. This insidious endeavour, dripping with the familiar rhetoric of control, represents nothing short of a direct attack on the cherished principles of liberty while attacking democratic diversity and open dialogue.

Under the guise of “security” and “social cohesion,” our precious freedoms are further stifled by a cabinet of clueless bureaucrats steering us into the murky waters of thought-policed uniformity. Their audacious redefinition of “extremism” is a brazen attempt to criminalise any dissenting voice that dares to challenge the status quo.

The government paper states:

“Since the 7 October Hamas terror attacks in Israel concerns have been raised about the wide-ranging risk of radicalisation. On hate crime, since 7 October the Community Security Trust recorded 4,103 antisemitic incidents in the UK in 2023, an increase of 147% compared to 2022, and Tell MAMA recorded a 335% increase in anti-Muslim hate cases in the last four months.”

“As the Prime Minister said recently, this kind of behaviour and intimidation is unacceptable, does not reflect the values of the United Kingdom and must be resisted at all times.”

“The new definition and engagement principles will make sure those who promote extreme ideologies or spread hate in their communities are not legitimised through their interactions with government. Following publication, the government will undertake a robust process to assess groups for extremism against the definition, which will then inform decisions around government engagement and funding.”

“It is the first in a series of steps to promote social cohesion, democratic resilience, and to counter extremism and religious hatred.”

Let this be known…This is how democracies die…

The Orwellian Threat: How Britain’s Government Targets Dissent

This sounds very much like something Neomi Kline calls Shock doctrine – “Shock doctrine” describes the brute tactic of systematically using the public’s disorientation following a collective shock—wars, coups, terrorist attacks, market crashes, natural disasters—to push through radical pro-corporate measures, often called “shock therapy.” It seems they are using the Palestinian crisis as the cudgel to bring in authoritarianism.

If this goes ahead you will be guaranteed this week’s “extremist” list will be just the opening salvo. Austerity protests, doctors’ strikes – all dissent will be pathologised, criminalised. Soon, criticizing the government itself will be deemed “extremism.” Next, Orwell’s nightmare becomes reality: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

And what’s more, we get the opportunity to watch it all live while Gove, that smug placeman, preaches about “hatred” and “intolerance” from his gilded cage. His weasel words can’t hide the real purpose behind this newspeak. This isn’t about combating some abstract “hatred” – it’s about silencing anyone who dares challenge their narrow ideology.

They want to criminalise dissent, to paint every disagreement with their agenda as extremism.

For Rishi Sunack to state: “This kind of behaviour and intimidation is unacceptable, does not reflect the values of the United Kingdom and must be resisted at all times.” is to dismiss British history in its entirety.

Britain wasn’t built on blind obedience. This island nation was forged in the fires of rebellion. We, the people, have a proud history of challenging the powerful, of speaking truth to their lies. Gove and his cronies can try to smother dissent with their Orwellian pronouncements, but the spirit of rebellion still burns bright. We will not be cowed, not silenced.

This elite, self-serving cabal – these power brokers with their polished veneers and empty pronouncements – want us to believe Britain’s a harmonious choir, singing from the same hymn sheet. A lie, a damned lie! Our history is a vibrant tapestry woven from dissent, from righteous anger against tyranny.


― Albert Einstein

We will not be cowed…

history makers the peasants revolt

Remember the Peasants’ Revolt? Those weren’t “radicals” or “extremists,” as the ruling class would have us believe. They were ordinary folk, their backs broken by a system rigged against them, rising up for a fairer share.

It’s enough to make you choke on your Earl Grey, isn’t it? How dare these posh windbags in Parliament call for them to be labelled “extremists”?

And what of The Magna Carta the right wing so often quotes or the Charter of the Forest – those weren’t birthed from polite tea parties, were they? They were forged in the fires of rebellion, a demand for justice wrenched from a king who wouldn’t listen otherwise. Don’t be fooled by Gove’s fancy wordplay. This “extremism” crusade is just the latest attempt to silence the people when they dare to speak truth to power.

Fast forward to the Tolpuddle Martyrs, trade unionists branded criminals for daring to organise against the robber barons of industry. Were they not the true patriots, the inheritors of a long tradition of resistance?

And Peterloo? A peaceful gathering of working people mowed down by cavalry – a stark reminder of the lengths to which the powerful will go to silence dissent. These were not “troublemakers,” but the beating heart of a nation yearning for a just society.

Let’s not forget the Chartists, demanding a say in their own governance, their voices drowned out by the privileged few. And of course, the miner’s strike of 1984 Every one of these movements, every one of these “extremists,” were the engines of progress, the sparks that ignited the flames of change.

So, to those who peddle the myth of a monolithic Britain, a nation where dissent is an inconvenience – we say this: Our history is a testament to the power of the common people, the indomitable spirit that refuses to be cowed. Let the memory of these brave souls fuel our own fight for a fairer, more equitable future.

Galloway Gives Parliament a History Lesson

Sometimes those reviled as extremists turned out to be right all along

George Galloway MP

George Galloway:

“Madam Deputy Speaker, it’s quite clear that there’s a shared endeavour going on between the two front benches, but as questions have continued, it’s quite clear there’s unease on both sides of the house on the back benches and for very good reason.

Very good reason it is, obviously true that this is part of a culture war wallpaper that’s being created for the general election soon to come.

It’s not good enough to say that it doesn’t seek the ban or jail anyone; you try getting a bank account once you’ve been branded by Michael Gove as an extremist.

Now extremism, if we were debating this in the Oxford junior as once we did in his salad days on another matter, we’d all be talking about what’s the definition.

May I just remind the Secretary, that the former speaker of this house was wearing a ‘Hang Nelson Mandela T-shirt’ when my right honourable friend and I (Jeremy Corbyn) were seeking the overthrow of apartheid and being called divisive.

This building is designed to show that politics is full of division and sometimes those reviled as extremists turned out to have been right all along.”

Tory Mandala bercow 1
By 1986, the FCS had attracted so much bad publicity that Norman Tebbit, the Thatcherite Conservative Party chairman, shut it down. The current Speaker, John Bercow, was the last ever FCS chairman.

“You try getting a bank account once you’ve been branded by Michael Gove as an extremist.”

George Galloway.

Heed this warning, comrades! The government, in its insatiable greed for control, has cooked up a legislative monstrosity that would shackle dissent and criminalize the very notion of peace. Open your mouths at your peril! Dare to question the warmongering status quo, and they’ll throw the book at you! Here are the links, for those who still believe in transparency (a quaint notion, I know)…”

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has published three documents alongside its news release about the new definition of extremism:

A paper about the new definition

A paper on standards that will apply when the government engages with community groups.

A paper on best practice for community engagement

The comfortable classes have always sought to silence dissent. They brand anyone who speaks for the downtrodden as “divisive” or “troublemakers.” But true progress never comes from polite whispers and empty handshakes. It comes from the righteous anger of those who refuse to accept a rigged system.

These charlatans may yearn for a sanitised Britain, but that’s not the country we live in. Our history is a testament to the power of ordinary people to rise up against injustice. Let us not forget that spirit now, especially now…

This dystopian nightmare isn’t inevitable, but it won’t stop itself. Fight back!

Oh, and be assured, if Starmer gets in he will run with this, this law is made for him… his will be a rule of lawyers…

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