Barnsley Brexit


Labour do not betray the people!

Why would a working class man from Barnsley part of the Labour Heartlands attack Labour and in particularly Keir Starmer.

The answer is quite simple! 70% of Labour constituencies voted Leave.

The Labour Heartlands the once proud industrial counties have been left disenfranchised. Successive governments have ignored their plight and now they demand more.

The audience member said: “We are constantly being told by these elite politicians and she (pointing towards Nicky Morgan) has committed a really treacherous act last night against the Conservative Party.

“But the lady on the other side (referring to Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey) is supposed to be in a party that should be defending the working class communities that this town is and their Party is tending toward the Single Market.

Labour Heartlands expect our party to plan for a post Brexit UK that will regenerate the country not bring us back to the status quo.

After all the minimum requirement we expect from our representatives is that we get what we voted for!

People throughout the Heartlands see Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Leader we have waited a generation for. His near one man General election campaign brought thousands to the fold he offered the people a chance of change he crossed the divide that is apparent from the London elite and Westminster bubble and spoke to the people.

If you are listening Jeremy do not bend to the PLP the people are behind you!

Throughout the country he inspired and motivated, since the General election Labour have made topped the opinion polls placing the Tories a poor second. This week however we see for the first time since the General election Labour slide to second place, some will say that’s because May had a good week! She managed to negotiate a deal on Brexit that held together The Good Friday agreement and no hard boarder with Ireland and we are only paying the messily amount of £39 Billion to leave the EU.

But others will tell the truth both the deal on Brexit is not good enough for the UK and nether Remain nor Leave were happy at the outcome. The reason Labour dropped in the polls is because it seems that Keir Starmer’s answer to Brexit is to have more of the same. Sitting in the Tap rooms up and down Labour’s heartlands politics and in particular Brexit is talked about but now the talk of Labours playing a good hand sitting on the fence collecting both Remain and leave into its fold have changed to cries of ‘Betrayal’

Labour should be laying out plans right now on how we will invest in the industrial Heartlands in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland how it intends to restructure the country to provide real jobs, trades and education, Labour should be looking at how to rebalance the GDP from services to manufacturing not pandering to the London elite or the metropolitan cities that have seen investment after investment, this is supposed to be the party of the many not the few!

Keir Starmer! We know what we voted for you have a job to deliver it!

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