The proscription of Labours Lexit members

Lexit censorship

The proscription of Labours Lexit members

In recent months the Labour forums have carried out a proscription on Lexit members any slight word or bite back at Remainers taunts have found the Lexit members on Facebook forums being kicked and in some cases the abusive insults thrown at Lexit supporters have been both bullying and condescending.  On one forum in particular even an Admin member baits anyone who offers a different view to her staunch remain view, she likes to post incisively “You voted for a Tory Brexit” like it was some sort of playground game, if the Lexiters tries to defend their perfectly Left opinion she kicks them from the forum with one condescending  word “BYE”

This is not the Broad church of labour but a ‘One world view’ of individuals desperate to ensure only their view is heard.  If the Lexit view is censored what have we become?  Like Stalin of communist Russia the parties view becomes singular.  No longer are forums the place to debate or give opinions that are new or progressive but they become the voice of one!  An echo chamber where all comply and no one questions. Debates become agreements with no individual view, no one to question the populism of a post or offer an alternative view.

This is not how political party’s flourish this is how dictatorships are born.  The Lexit argument belongs on any Labour forum the argument to leave the EU far outdate’s that of any of the right wing, it has been a constant argument within labour carried by its Left wing for over 40 years and to see the proscription of Lexit members for their Left wing view is divisive to the party.  In all it shows how far the reach of the Blairite centralist and right wing are willing to go to shut down the Left’s view on the EU. No good can come from the abuse and bullying within the Labour party forums by supporters or members it alienates and causes more division.

Labour members and supporters should understand and read more about the Labour Party B.B. (Before Blair) and New Labour they should understand the meaning of Broad church! The Left have been pushed to the back for a very long time and today in the 21st century at last with Jeremy Corbyn we have found a voice, if the Labour forums think stopping the Lefts Lexit voice is right ask who’s next?

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