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EU Thinks Parliamentary Power Wastes of Time.


Conservative rebels inflicted a humiliating defeat on Theresa May in the House of Commons as they backed an amendment to her flagship European Union withdrawal bill over parliament’s right to a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – to amend Clause 9 of the Bill to require the final Brexit deal with the EU to be approved by statute passed by Parliament 

So much for a meaningful vote!

I agree it was a good win not for remain or Leave but for the country, a meaningful vote would have put the emphases on May working to get a good deal for the country not the Tories.
Any deal would have to pass parliamentary scrutiny and if it was not good enough the result would be go back and try again!
This now seems unobtainable, not because of any leave or remain shenanigans playing for dominance but because of one of the very reasons lots of people who wanted power to reside in parliament the EU will not allow it to happen.
Luxembourg’s prime minister on Thursday said British counterpart Theresa May’s ability to negotiate her country’s withdrawal from the European Union is complicated by her need for parliament’s approval at home.
“No,” he told reporters when asked. “To think Theresa May will negotiate something, we will negotiate something, and then again [Ms May] will go back to Westminster is not good for the position of the negotiations.
“Westminster should trust that Theresa May will do the best for the UK. Westminster shouldn’t, even before we start negotiations to have in their heads that they don’t trust the prime minister.”
He added: “This is not good for Theresa May … as soon as she negotiates something she will have to go back to London to get approval from her Parliament and this is not making her life easier.”
“This doesn’t change anything on the agenda, it’s just going to make it more complicated for the United Kingdom government.”
But to be honest we do not trust her and by the results of the vote with Tory rebels voting alongside Labour neither do her own MP’s.
Members of parliament are the peoples representatives but it seems most politicians forget that on both sides of the channel.
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