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Dr Keith Hussein, specialises in globalisation, culture and media, twenty five years in various FE/HE roles. has an MA and recent PhD (2017). He also writes publications on ethnicity and media.

Is a German Recession Inevitable?

Europe's austerity is a political decision to go into recession It looks like Europe is heading into recession, multiple economists say. Germany and Italy may already be in "technical recession." Last week, three of Europe's biggest economies produced a horrible set of manufacturing numbers for November: Industrial production: Italy: down 1.5% Spain: down 1.5% Germany: down 1.9% Here are those numbers over time: The tragedy...

The Month when Project Fear became Project Hysteria

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” For the last two and half years since the EU Referendum result was announced left-leave voters have been subjected to a deluge of insults and accusations on social-media sites as well as the opinion pieces and comments sections of established liberal-left newspapers such as The Guardian and The Independent. As we enter...

Let’s have a Guaranteed Living Wage for all Carers – they deserve it!

Cares living wage
It’s time to make the case that a Guaranteed Living Wage (GLW) should be paid to all carers whether they are family members, domiciled or private sector workers. This idea can also form the basis of a new national model of social care which shifts provision away from care homes in the private sector back toward families and communities. Social...

Brexit No-Deal

wto rules
Reality Check Brexit, the ‘Cliff Edge’ and possible implications of a final ‘No-Deal’ The liberal-left commentariat and its beleaguered but ever vocal public supporters continue their stubborn push for a coveted second referendum or ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal despite all of the legal complexities and obvious political crisis this would cause. This view is largely fed by...