‘Yellow Vest’ pro-Brexit protesters block Westminster Bridge

Yellow vest protesters on Tower Bridge (Image: @RPMain/Twitter)
Pro-Brexit activists, wearing yellow vests similar to those worn in recent protests in France, have blocked London’s Westminster Bridge, briefly bringing traffic to a standstill.

Passersby tweeted content from the bridge, showing several dozen protesters sitting in front of traffic, chanting: ‘Brexit now’ and singing ‘Rule Britannia’. Several protesters were seen waving the Union Jack flag, while others were wearing clothing with pro-Donald Trump insignia.

This is a very dangerous development that could see more protest under the banner of the Yellow vest.


They then stopped outside Downing Street, with pro-Brexit chants heard.

Chants of ‘Brexit now!’ were shouted by the Brexiteers as Theresa May holds crunch talks with EU leaders trying to improve the Withdrawal Agreement.

Shortly before 2pm they blocked Tower Bridge.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the protest and added there were not any arrests.

After being moved on, protesters walked down Whitehall, gathering outside Downing Street where one activist berated the police officers with a megaphone demanding a meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

The group ‘Fighting for Justice’ appear to be involved in the protest, their Facebook account posted a live stream of the protest. One of the group’s founders is Tracy Blackwell, who’s teenage son was one of three boys killed by a hit-and-run-driver in January this year.

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The protesters wore hi-visibility yellow vests, similar to those worn by anti-austerity, anti-fuel tax protesters in France, who have been dubbed the Gilets Jaunes. While the protests began in France, they have since spread to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Over the last month hundreds of thousands of Gilets Jaunes protesters have brought France to a standstill in rallies that have often turned violent, demanding more progressive taxes, increased social funding and a halt to a proposed fuel tax. French President Emmanuel Macron announced a scrapping of the fuel tax, it is currently unclear whether his concession will dampen protests with many vowing to carry on.

Yellow vest, or gilet jaunes, protesters in Paris brought the French capital to a standstill in consecutive weekends demanding lan increase to the minimum wage and other social improvements, along with a tax cut.

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