Trilateral Commission Triumvirate: Starmer’s Labour a Comfortable Home for Former Tory Minister Rory Stewart

Trilateral Commission members
Trilateral Commission members

The Uniparty’s Final Surrender: Keir Starmer’s Labour and the End of Ideological Opposition

Rory Stewart, the liberal Tory darling who backed every culturally destructive policy of the Cameron years, now fancies himself swanning into a ministerial position under Sir Keir Starmer. What a perfect match of vanities that would be!

The fact that an ex-Tory minister feels Starmer’s Labour Party is an exciting prospect and one he would be willing to join now negates the question of how far to the right has Labour travelled. The question is moot. The only issue now is how much further Sir Keir Starmer plans to propel his party into the crushing embrace of the authoritarian corporate centre. With old socialist stalwarts purged and debutante defectors like Rory Stewart welcomed with open arms, Labour has become a grotesque parody of its former self – a brothel in moral bankruptcy.

Picture the cosy scene as Starmer and his new Conservative trophy Stewart put their heads together, alongside their fellow Trilateral Commission grandee Lord Mandelson – three centrist horsemen of the coming apocalypse! What a triumvirate of vain managerialism and intellectual vacuity, doubtless assuring each other over champagne and canapes that they alone have saved “sensible centrism” from the ravages of ideology and extremism.

After all, the new politics is all about power and pragmatism, selling the Party’s soul to gain those dizzy heights of high office is far more profitable to their globalist masters than representing ordinary people or doing what is right.

The Trilateral Commission describes itself as a “global membership organisation” which seeks “to discuss and propose solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems”. Its meetings are strictly off-the-record.

It was founded in 1973 by billionaire banker David Rockefeller as a networking group for elites from the US, Europe and Japan. Their aim is to shape the world into three economic spheres of global control devoid of democracy ruled by the elite.

Back To The Future

Let us gloss over the fact that Stewart’s brief leadership bid was a vacuous disaster “totally devoid of detail”, as one Tory official aptly put it. In the “New New Labour Party”, such things hardly matter. The Dear Leader’s blessing is all that counts, and Stewart is just the sort of establishment gloom merchant Starmer now wishes to collect in his drive to reinvent Labour as the haven of lost Tories fleeing their traditional home.

Truly the party of the working man has become unrecognisable, shedding every last vestige of the socialist and trade union spirit that once stirred men’s blood. Clause Four is long gone and soon human decency, compassion and standing up to vested interests will follow under this government-in-waiting and its mooted Conservative-Labour coalitions of the future.

Tony Benn must be spinning in his grave as Marxists and socialists get the boot while this Tory retread is courted for high office. Every last obstacle to Starmer’s authoritarian neoliberal project – so perfectly aligned with the bosses of Davos and the WEF – is being ruthlessly cleared. What will remain is this Trilateral Commission Triumvirate, Labour’s final capitulation.

Tony Benn labour

Forewarned is forearmed. Make no mistake, if Starmer prevails, an even more oppressive technocracy awaits. Freed from the constraints of traditional Labour values, his “ministry of all the talents” will accelerate the managed decline of our society and liberties. Their polished Borgen-style authoritarianism – so sober, civilised and sensible – will be the velvet glove on an iron fist. Resist at your peril.

Thus ideologically neutered, the “New New Labour” now present itself as the “safe” alternative as the Tories slip from public favour. No more frightful visions of renationalisation or state ownership to alarm the neoliberal money men who bankroll both parties! Just sound fiscal prudence as far as the eye can see, oh and cuts more cuts and austerity.

And if such a Blairite part two should need ministerial ballast, then Stewart will fit like a glove. After all, he is well versed in loyally administering the direst outrages of the Bullingdon Club against society’s most vulnerable – work capability tests, austerity cuts, Universal Credit sanctions and all the rest. So he will have no qualms meekly serving whatever thin gruel of reheated Thatcherism Sir Keir serves up.

It’s enough to make you weep. Every last vestige of the Old Labour movement that once stirred men’s blood and shook the ramparts of privilege is being ruthlessly expunged. Clause Four is long gone – decency, compassion and standing up to vested interests will soon follow. The empty husk remains, echoing with scornful laughter. Blair, Mandelson and ilk have engineered the final surrender. Behold Labour’s authoritarian apotheosis, the Uniparty triumphant! Take a bow Sir Keir Starmer…

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