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think for yourself

The entire referendum and process is been played out like a badly conducted social experiment.

It as shown the political glass for what they are and the people for what we have become. From the point of first calling the referendum, it was a game, a game of politics within one political ideology that of the Tories that than extended encompassing the entire nation.

like most games the elites play, it went too far and they lost control but slowly through social control, misinformation, truths lies and fear they are regaining bringing us all back to the fold.

It has broken the nation the extent of which is far far more than a mear monetary cost families have divided, friends lost, trust broken.

We were never meant to leave the EU and the chances are one way or the other we never will.

It’s all charades, the pretence by Tory Brexiteers at their outrage to the remain deal. Theresa May looking vulnerable, the country feeds a drip, drip drip of fear.

Fear of no deal and what that could bring if we don’t accept the deal.
No time for a leadership challenge, no time for a GE. A People’s vote would more likely result in the same decision.

But an unacceptable deal is the worst of all deals. This will be the mantra of the day!

It’s all a show, soon we will hear even the staunchest of Brexiters saying “we would be better off remaining at least if we remain we can still…”

The entire thing has been a Tory shit show that got out of hand when the referendum went the wrong way that decision was to ‘Leave the EU’. It should have been that Remain won, UKIP should have been kicked to the forgotten realms and we all carried on like before. The only thing that did work was the plan to rid us of UKIP ‘leave’ meant their “raison d’être.” had been achieved.

Now the Path back to the status Quo begins!

Just watch out for the ‘bait and switch’ from a bad deal to remaining in the EU becomes a reality the excuse of the “Bad Deal” will not pass parliament and the alternative is the

 fear of no deal.

See how Theresa May will sell it like some sacrifice for the good of the nation, for the good of the unity of all.

Some patriotic bullcrap spouting on how: “The union of this nation forging together in what is our best interest overall our national interest. Sacrificing at this moment only to become stronger together…” or words to that effect!


We are looking ever more closely to capitulating to the establishment’s reassertion of the status quo, the reality of what Corbyn said referencing the rigged system!

 “the establishment versus the people as he promised to overturn a rigged system that allowed the rich and powerful to extract wealth from the nation”. -Jeremy Corbyn

The illusion of democracy!

The lack of leadership and vision required to take the UK out of the EU setting its own course speaks volumes about our entire political class.

The continued rhetoric of accepting the result of the referendum was meant to calm the masses while a plan could be brought into play. The result of that plan was a 500 page draft with one word printed boldly across every page.


The shame is for all the Leave supporters of 2017 that voted Tory expecting that party of lies to actually do what they promised to do.

Corbyn would have been the man to take us out of this system into a new model that would be fit for the People, Building Britain. A model fit for the 21st century. But we all know how he is hampered both externally and within his own Party.

Pesky people thinking their own way! How dare they want anything different? How dare they think anything could change?

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