The Liberal elite The EU’s useful idiots


The Liberal elites are still knocking out silly Brexit memes…  like the one on above on the Left, however, it’s fixed now.

It makes me wonder who these people are?

When I see these sorts of images on social media from people I have to wonder who they are, and what politics do they think they are supporting?

They never see the irony of hosting a meme of Mick Lynch or a video of Eddie Dempsey speaking truth to power while articulating the working class struggle on one post and on the next proclaiming all that voted to leave the EU are right wing fascists…  

They infest Left wing groups and forums like they actually support socialism and the workers, when the reality is they support a centrist movement that worships at the table of the free market, one that is designed for profiteering while exploiting workers.

The Lefties for remain seem to have an abundance of ignorance that is only surpassed by their condescending attitudes. They have none to little understanding of the EU or the history of the Labour movement, a Labour movement that has constantly opposed the EU and EEC, including Nye Beavan, Clement Attlee, Tony Benn Michael Foot, and Jeremy Corbyn and on and on.

Misguided lefties have campaigned for a second referendum and then to rejoin the EU for 6 years, a policy that destroyed the Lib Dems and witnessed Labour’s catastrophic defeat in the 2019 general election.

A defeat that chucked the proverbial baby out with the bathwater in the form of Jeremy Corbyn.

I feel for them in a way, these are children of Blair, their confusion evident in all they say and all they do.

They have nowhere to go, they killed their natural political home with the Lib Dems. with their dull-witted slogan Bollox to Brexit. Real Socialists and Workers’ Parties won’t entertain them.

The irony of the great Remainer and architect of the vote losing second referendum and the reason for Labour’s 2019 general election loss, Sir Keir Starmer rejecting them is not missed either. Even he understands the damage he did to the Labour movement in his pursuit to undermine Jeremy Corbyn cannot be fixed. The backing of ‘Rejoin’ would sink the ship just that bit faster.

Maybe they should create their own little Party, after all, they have done such a good job at destroying others…

The Left-wing Remainers are Neoliberalism’s useful idiots.

These people wanted to overthrow a strongly working-class revolt against neoliberalism and to keep the UK beholden to Brussels’ rotten capitalistic rules.

If they thought they were Revolutionaries then they were counter-revolutionaries. If they thought they were Socialists? Then they were capitalism’s useful idiots. Pro working-class? Hardly they worked to overthrow millions of working-class votes and try to ensure that the British working classes, and the rest of the UK, remain subservient to ruthless EU neoliberalism.

These people claim they want to overthrow capitalism and yet as soon as millions of ordinary Brits demand a break from the globalist EU they’re weeping into their almond-milk macchiatos. ‘Is this fascism?!’, they cry when the people of Britain raise their voices against EU neoliberalism, bourgeois buffoons that they are.

Know your subject…

The EU’s commitment to capitalism is absolute, but worst there is no manoeuvring in its treaties that monopoly capitalism is most prevalent when it comes to public ownership. The very reason why we are suffering this present energy and cost of living crisis.

The only thing that should remain is the truth: a social Europe was never part of the European Union super-state project. How could it be? The EU has always travelled on the “free trade” train alongside “free” movement of capital, business austerity, flexible labour markets, low pay, privatisation of public services and the eradication of welfare states. These were not just random policy proscriptions, but specifically designed by ‘free-market’ fanatics. It was the deepening and integration of the EU project that allowed unelected policymakers, driven by the powerful EU corporate lobby, to circumvent and eradicate the social rights that were won by workers in the aftermath of World War Two. Creating democratic deficits in all the EU institutions and policy-making by unaccountable technocrats enabled and accelerated this process of dismantling rights.

This arrangement ensured the neoliberal Holy Trinity of public spending cuts, privatisation and the removal of trade union rights could be enforced with little contestation.  

As the late Tony Benn once pointed out: “The EU has the only constitution in the world committed to capitalism … it destroys the prospect of socialism anywhere in Europe, making capitalism a constitutional requirement of that set-up.”

Centrists have done well to falsely created the argument this is a ‘Tory Brexit’, while completely ignoring the Tory Party have since 1973 been the Party of the EU. The Tories had more skin in the game to remain than any other UK political Party, they took us into the Common Market and the EU while socialist and Labour stalwarts from Tony Benn to Jeremy Corbyn opposed both treaties.

It’s quite telling those that are most forceful and instrumental in arguing the working class cause are the unions like #RMT, Bakers Union, ASLEF and CWU that backed leaving the EU.

Remainers have far more in common with the Tories than those on the Left of the Labour movement. They skip the fact that the Tory Party, in general, campaigned vigorously to remain in the EU spending millions in public money to enforce a message of remain.

On workers’ rights, there has never been any argument remaining in the EU to protect our rights. It’s always been a myth that the EU has won workers’ rights and protections for workers.

Nearly all the laws that protect employment rights, social rights, women’s rights and racial equality in Britain are UK laws which have been won by the struggles and campaigns of the British trade union and Labour movement.

This was a populist vote against the EU by a majority of the UK.

The truth is many on the LeFT were stunned that leave won the vote! Especially when you consider the establishment’s backing of remain was unprecedented. the amount of money spent, trying to convince the people to remain, equated to an eye-watering £9.3 million in public money, spent on leaflets that only spelt out the pros of remaining in the EU. Ironically the webpage still exists titled ‘. ‘Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK‘.

The establishment support to remain was unprecedented, but not unexpected, after all, the EU was and always had been a Tory project. The Tories never ever wanted to leave, let alone be the party to take the UK out of the EU. No wonder Camron resigned the next morning after edging all his bets on Remain.

In the same frame, no wonder, the Labour Party PLP carried out their so-called Chicken coup on Jeremy Corbyn less than three days later. Corbyn at the time was the only competent political leader with enough knowledge of the EU.  He had been a lifelong Eurosceptic.  He had made many of the arguments for Lexit in his four decades as a politician his ability to articulate those arguments would have meant a very different Brexit.

Denying democracy.

Some of the Labour movement’s greatest orators have articulated the democratic position on leaving the EU, for example, Michael Foot when he stated: “People didn’t fight for the vote just to have the fun of electioneering, they wanted to see that the vote that they used and the Ballot Box could change things, stop things, alter things, remove governments when necessary.

That’s one of the principal reasons for having a vote, but that’s not going to happen if we stay in the market, if we become enmeshed in the whole of their machinery and apparatus, because what will happen then is that you can go and have an election in this country, in which we vote out the government here, but you won’t be voting out all the governments that meet in Brussels to decide what’s going to happen to us!

It is that precious inheritance, given us by the people who fought for the right to vote, fought for the right to form trade unions, fought for the right to establish their own institutions, fought for the right to have an elected house of commons which should be the supreme authority in this country and answerable to nobody else, it is those things that are at stake in this campaign. “

It is these points of democracy and accountability that hold true. The UK is a democracy and the true power is within the hands of the people.

“When I saw how the European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic. In Britain, you vote for a government so the government has to listen to you, and if you don’t like it, you can change it.” -Tony Benn

It is noteworthy that within the Conservative Party 25 of the 30 Cabinet Ministers including Prime Minister David Camron supported Remaining in the EU. They never once imagined the people would have the audacity to use their democratic vote and say NO to both the establishment and that Bosse’s club in Brussels

Talk about Tory enablers…

5 million Labour voters voted to leave the EU, with 61% of Labour constituencies voting out.

This was never a Tory Brexit, this was the democratic choice of the people, our politics are now our own, and the politicians we elect to make decisions in our name will be accountable directly to the people.

I wonder what memes will be floating about when it comes to the next general election when these same Blairite centrists ask us to lend our vote?

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