The forlorn hope of the ‘REJOINERS’ and ‘REMAINERS’ died on Sir Keir Starmer’s lips


Starmer’s final betrayal came for the Remainers that cheered him into the leadership position and they deserved it!

Sir Keir Starmer on Brexit: “I don’t think there’s any need to extend the trade talks, there’s no talks of extending them. We’ve left the EU, there’s no question of a second referendum… the Leave/Remain argument is over.” The entire People’s Vote bullshit was triangulation against Corbyn and the Left. Those formerly-breathless Remainiacs won’t bat an eyelid at this.

It was always on the books Starmer used the Remainers as a vehicle to manoeuvred his political position and oust Corbyn, just like we said he would two years ago. In our article, Keir Starmer just broke the Labour Party

In 2018 I wrote “What’s more, Starmer has just placed himself in the Leader’s position and all our hopes and aspirations of a new model for Socialism with Jeremy Corbyn leading the way have been buried and drowned in the applause of conference 2018.

How we expect to regain or keep Leave supporting marginals is now going to be near on impossible. Remainers may not have liked what John McDonnell and Len McCluskey had to say on Monday but at least that did not jeopardize any future general election or give the right wing press such a massive box of ammunition. #Lab18

For all you Remainers that pushed your vote losing second referendum, you got what you deserved BETRAYAL!

My favourite response to Sir Keir Starmer’s new position was Kerry-Anne Mendoza

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