Sunak’s Plunder: The Prime Minister Is Selling Off Britain’s Future for the Benefit of His Own Family

Rishi Sunak, Akshata Murthy
Rishi Sunak and wife Akshata Murthy

The Sell-Off of North Sea Oil Licenses: A Smash-and-Grab Robbery

The question on many people’s minds is why Rishi Sunak is involved in politics, given his incredibly wealthy background, with a wife richer than the King and a billionaire father-in-law. Critics argue that he has not demonstrated a genuine concern for the welfare of the general public beyond his own family’s interests. Some question his patriotism, pointing to his personal donations to schools and colleges in the US rather than directing his largesse to those struggling within his own constituencies.

However, it seems the riddle of Rishi Sunak’s political motivations is now solved. One thing’s for sure, this former Banker-hedge-funder-turned-premier does not dwell in Westminster to benevolently serve the British people. Rather, he acts as the well-groomed frontman for a rapacious global elite hellbent on wringing every last drop of profit from our beleaguered nation.

They don’t even try to disguise it anymore:

The connections between Rishi Sunak’s family company and recent events have raised eyebrows. Notably, just a short while before Sunak granted hundreds of new North Sea drilling licenses, Infosys, secured a highly lucrative billion-dollar deal with BP. The timing of these events certainly appears to be a fortunate coincidence for this privileged family circle. However, it seems that when building a dynasty, such alliances and potential conflicts of interest are often brushed aside, regardless of the implications for the British public’s resources.

The firm founded by Rishi Sunak’s father-in-law signed a billion-dollar deal with BP just months before the Prime Minister gave the go ahead for new oil and gas licences in the North Sea.

Of course, such cronyism is merely business as usual for Sunak and his oeuvre of multinational mandarins. From Davos to Silicon Valley, this rootless pantheon of billionaires pays only nominal allegiance to nations. Their sole devotion is to self-enrichment.

So, while Sunak spouts feeble excuses about “energy security,” make no mistake – the energy oligarchs he serves care not one jot for Britain. They are stateless financial nomads, ravaging entire countries in pursuit of profit.

Already this government of hedge-fund hyenas and private equity parasites has funnelled billions from our public realm into their offshore coffers through corrupt pandemic contracts. Now the same crooked cabal plans to pillage what remains of our natural bounty.

Britain’s Descent into Plutocracy

pigs to the trough
KLEPTOCRACY pigs to the trough

The selloff of North Sea oil licenses is not pragmatic policy, but smash-and-grab robbery that imperils our energy sovereignty. Likewise, Sunak’s shredding of planning laws, gifts to property developers, and assaults on heritage are simply enabling further plunder by his paymasters.

This shameless political brigandage will not cease until the last drop of loot has been squeezed from our collective patrimony. What matters to Rishi are not British workers, but his own gilded coterie of disaster capitalists. His sole duty as premier is to hold open the gates as they ransack our birthright.

The rise of Sunak proves how easily wealth and power are inherited in modern Britain. We are returning to the era of self-serving aristocratic dynasties. Meritocracy is just a fig leaf for entrenched privilege.

What a mockery Sunak has made of Tory pretences to stand for aspiration and enterprise. He is the epitome of an entitled, out-of-touch elite exploiting public office for private gain. His clique resembles nothing more than a kleptocratic cartel.

The British people deserve better than this cavalcade of cronyism and self-interest at the top. We need a government that respects honesty, integrity and accountability – not one lining its pockets by betraying the public trust.

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