Costa Coffee’s Gender Madness: The Dark Side of Woke Capitalism

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From Breastfeeding Ban to Breast Removal: The Hypocrisy of Costa Coffee

The Absurdity of Costa Coffee’s Trans Activist Advertising

In our modern world of inversions, falsehoods and general madness, even something as innocuous as a coffee shop can promote dangerous nonsense. The latest evidence is Costa Coffee’s ludicrous campaign featuring a character with mastectomy scars.

Apparently, this cartoon figure with its surgically removed breasts is meant to show Costa’s praiseworthy commitment to ‘inclusivity and diversity’. But like so much of today’s transgender activism, it is shallow virtue-signalling that ignores reality.

‘The executives clearly have no idea what message this conveys, that irreversible surgery on healthy female breasts is to be applauded. Is this really any way to sell coffee?’

The image, depicting an androgynous-looking character wearing long shorts with scars below each nipple, is taken from a mural designed by the chain for Brighton and Hove Pride last year.

Use of the image on a mobile coffee van used at events around the country was condemned by feminist campaigners and people who had breasts removed due to cancer.

Tanya Carter, spokeswoman for child safeguarding campaign group Safe Schools Alliance, said: ‘It’s almost unbelievable that Costa would do something so crass and irresponsible as to use this image.

From Breastfeeding Ban to Breast Removal: The Hypocrisy of Costa Coffee

brest feeding

Feminist writer Julie Bindel, who is concerned about the impact of trans activism on ‘vulnerable’ girls and young women, said: ‘I remember stories about when a woman was thrown out of a Costa shop (in 2018) because she was discreetly breastfeeding.

‘Are we not allowed to breast feed but you are allowed to celebrate a woman having breasts removed for reasons of social contagion and vanity? It’s absolutely bonkers.

‘What’s really scary about it is the actual mastectomy scars are seen as a badge of honour, as cool.’

Ms Bindel said she feared the promotion of breast removal was targeting young women unhappy with their bodies who did not identify with mainstream femininity.

She said: ‘I think back to how I was as a teenager, how I didn’t like my breasts. Had I been able to lose them, I would have gone down that route.

‘This dangerous ideology that you can mix and match your body by undergoing complex and dangerous surgery is horrific.

‘We used to be appalled by cutting healthy parts of our bodies off. We have a duty of care to those young people, often under 18s, who are children legally.

‘I want to see the surgeons, scientists, those who advocate and profiteer from healthy breast removal criminalised.’

Of course, the only time mastectomy scars should be used as a badge of honour is when shown by those that have survivors of cancer or any other disease that has resulted in surgery of this kind.

The Insidious Promotion of Mutilation by Costa Coffee

Promoting medically unnecessary double mastectomies as a fun fashion statement is not ‘inclusive’ – it is reckless and deeply concerning. As feminist campaigners have warned, the glamorisation of such complex operations poses a real risk to vulnerable teenage girls unhappy with their developing bodies.

We used to rightly condemn tribal practices like foot-binding and female circumcision. Now self-loathing corporations like Costa effectively encourage the commodification of womanhood and normalisation of disfiguring surgery.

Of course, Costa hides behind the banner of ‘diversity’ and ties this disturbing imagery to Pride events. But woke posturing does not justify promoting medically unnecessary operations to troubled young girls.

Make no mistake, teenage girls are the real target here. Costa wants to make radical body alteration seem “cool” and aspirational. What child wouldn’t want to be a cutting-edge trans rebel after seeing these graphics?

As one LBG group tweeted: Costa Coffee @CostaCoffee glorifying and promoting mutilation of women’s healthy body parts that cause them life long health complications. Looks like Costa wants to be boycotted like Bud Lite.

Yet the executives peddling this poison clearly have no interest in the mental health crisis fueling the social contagion of gender dysphoria. Like other amoral corporations, they care only for burnishing their progressive credentials and targeting new markets.

Costa is also clearly indifferent to the long-term impacts. These vanity procedures often leave people facing severe health complications and loss of sexual function.

Where are the warnings of how breast removal can ruin lives? Nowhere – because that would undermine Costa’s insidious agenda.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that a company happy to eject breastfeeding mothers would also happily promote the cutting off of breasts. Such is the inevitable hypocrisy of politically correct capitalism.

Yet few in our emasculated establishment will dare critique this ideology, for fear of the all-powerful trans lobby attacking them as ‘bigots’. Costa Coffee will likely ignore the backlash and continue down this twisted path.

It is a sign of our unhinged era that the youth are encouraged to mutilate healthy body parts, while natural things like breastfeeding are shunned. Common sense becomes ‘hate crime’. Up becomes down, right is wrong, and as we are all aware war is peace…

Companies like Costa prove capitalism needs firm moral foundations. Without a strong ethical core, the profit motive can lead corporations into the darkest of places while claiming to champion ‘inclusivity and diversity.’

Though Costa’s executives seem bewitched by this gender madness, ordinary people need not be. There are still places to get a coffee run by those whose policies are guided by reason, not fashionable delusions. I say let Costa wallow in its virtue-signalling and take your business elsewhere.

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