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Momentum should in all cases work towards what Jeremy Corbyn termed a more open honest politics, after all, are we not the vanguard of the Left and in support of Jeremy Corbyn along with his ethics.

If we stoop to low tactics for whatever reason does this not reduce our high ground when we call out Tory underhand play?

How can we report on issues that we believe affects an open honest democracy and fight against a fixed system if we appear to be fixing the system in just the same way?

Then it must be asked why and how the so called Momentum Preferred Slate have seemingly stooped to low tactics.

In January Jon Lansman sent out an email statement on Dissolution of Momentum Youth and Students Facebook page, this page had 5k likes, no mean feat as anyone involved in social media would know, yet it was seen fit to dissolve the page and the page to be handed over to Momentum national office team: Laura Parker.

On the 2 of April the campaign for Momentums National coordinating group started. All eligible nominated candidates started to campaign creating their own Facebook pages whilst posting to labour groups for support.

We are all very aware that likes on a Facebook page means your post are seen by many more people than a lesser liked page. So the usual battle to get your message over and collect likes began. This is a betrayal of the five thousand students that liked their own page to know find their like is to the so called preferred page.

As the Momentum NCG campaign is in full swing, we now find that the Facebook page formerly known as Momentum Youth and Students has had a miraculous transformation, all its old post removed and a name change to that of Momentum for the Many.

Momentum for the Many

New post showing the so called preferred slate have been added and the only remnants of the old page are the 5k likes. This is exactly like the use of people’s digital consent in the form of a like that Cambridge analytica are accused of using.

This is not the Momentum we want this is not the sort of campaign tactics we expect. The Peoples Momentum we have all subscribe to should be above this and those involved in this underhand tactics should stand down from the NCG or explain their shenanigans. In this age of Byzantine politics that is not the sort of coordination Momentum or the Left need.

Remember open honest politics?  

At this point I declare I am a nominated candidate for Momentums NCG and state quit openly that we fight for open honest politics and if you want a new kind of politics stop playing old games.

Momentum Paul Knaggs 4 NCG

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Other candidates for Momentums NCG not on a SLATE  can be seen here.
My publishing of this article will have probably taken me out of the race to for Momentum NCG.
However it is incumbent on the Left to be above Tory type shenanigans.
There are some very good people in Momentum who crave for a cleaner fairer politics thats inclusive to all.
We must not fall by the wayside in our task to achieve this.

Jon Lansman’s email

Dear Comrades

I am writing to you on the basis that I believe you were on the National Committee of Momentum Youth and Students and/or Momentum Youth and Students London. If that is not the case, please accept my apologies.

In my capacity as Chair of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG), I wanted to clarify that as Momentum’s Constitution does not specifically provide for the continuation of the entity previously known as ‘Momentum Youth and Students (MYS)’ and nor has the NCG recognised nor verified it or any related regional groupings (such as MYS London), MYS currently has no validity within the structures of Momentum, and therefore no legitimacy to use Momentum’s name or logo. In addition, I wanted to note, with regret, that the MYS social media accounts have at times been used in ways which have brought Momentum into disrepute and which are inconsistent with Momentum’s Code of Ethics, which seeks to promote values consistent with those of Jeremy Corbyn’s two leadership campaigns, “of fair, honest debate focused on policies, not personal attacks or harassment.”

In future, in line with the Momentum Constitution, the NCG may decide to encourage the development of liberation networks for women, BAME, disabled and LGBT+ people, and of Youth and Student networks in which members who self-identify as being within these categories are able to self-organise, and individuals and groups of individuals may approach the NCG to request support in the development of such networks. The formalisation of any such networks would follow discussions about their desired purpose, structure, ways of working and culture and the NCG would have final authority over whether to approve any such group. We would obviously welcome views about how these might be structured and encouraged.

In the meantime, given that ‘Momentum Youth and Students’ has no formal recognition from the NCG, whilst bringing the organisation into disrepute on social media, for the time being I respectfully ask those involved to cease to use Momentum’s name, and to close down the social media accounts or hand them over to a member of the national office team: Laura Parker, National Coordinator of Momentum, is copied into this email and will be happy to liaise with those who are currently administering these accounts.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In solidarity,

Jon Lansman

Chair, National Coordinating Group


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