Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main


Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main

We are proud to announce the OFFICIAL VIDEO to accompany the single ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ by Joe Solo & The Hatfield Brigade. It was shot on location at Central Club in Stainforth on October 30th 2016 as miners and their families from up and down the UK gathered to join a choir like no other in the spirit of community and solidarity.

‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ is released on download via all major outlets on Monday November 28th and all funds raised will go to those struggling to make ends meet in Food Bank Britain.

The idea was the brainchild of Les Moore, former miner and main spokesperson for the ‘UK Miners Pension Scheme Association, for Justice and Fair Play’, who approached Joe to write a song which would help pay back a debt of honour mining communities felt they owed the thousands of people who clubbed together during the darkest days of the 1984-85 Strike to give them a Christmas they have never forgotten. Joe, one of the founding members of the We Shall Overcome movement, was only too happy to oblige, and this is the result.

Filmed by Michael Lee Toas of MLT Productions, this video captures some of the spirit of that day, and we hope you will enjoy it enough to share far and wide.

Inspired by the never-say-die enthusiasm of campaigner Peter Stefanovic, we are looking to mount a bid on behalf of mining communities everywhere for that elusive Christmas No.1 spot. For that we need you.

Let’s show those who would have us believe otherwise that the spirit of community is alive and well and ready to pull together to help those among us less fortunate than ourselves.

Let’s raise our voices and sing to celebrate a Christmas were no-one gets left behind.


The Hatfield Brigade are: Alan Brown, Holly J Monroe, Steve Merriman, Jan Pearson, Alan Hepworth, Peter Stefanovic, Les Moore, Mick Lanaghan, Tony Clegg, Melvyn Sill, Craig Gravill, Gary Cox, Denise Cox, Alan Johnson, Linda de Berg, Karl Lanaghan, Kerry Hughes, Connor Hughes, Kian, Hughes, Donna Batty, Pat Knight, Anne Humphries, Emma Skidmore, Michelle Lee, Sean McGowan, Linda Moore, Norman Moore, Brenda Nixon, Sheena Moore and Tracy Armstrong

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