Matt Hancock ‘confronted at Tube station’ as 61-year-old man arrested

matt Hancock underground
Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock Next Stop Covid Inquiry

A 61-year-old man has been arrested over an alleged assault on former Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the London Underground. The alleged attack on the I’m A Celeb contestant happened yesterday morning at Westminster Underground station, close to the Houses of Parliament, the Mirror reports.

Police were called to the station shortly before 9am on January 24 after being reports of a man being assaulted and harassed. Footage of the incident, shared on social media, shows the backbench MP allegedly being confronted by a man who followed him through the barriers, down an escalator and onto a train.

In the footage, the man allegedly brands Hancock a “murderer” and calls the coronavirus pandemic a “fraud” in front of a carriage full of commuters. A member of station staff tells the man in the clip: “Please stop doing this.” And Mr Hancock told him: “I don’t think this aggression is appropriate.”

Matt Hancock became a household name in the spring of 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, when he regularly spoke for the government as health secretary under then prime minister Boris Johnson.

He was also implicated in the VIP lane scandal and accused of cronyism after a firm with links to the then Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock’s family were awarded a £5.5 million contract for COVID-19 mobile testing.

In 2021 he was forced to resign from his job after images emerged showing him kissing colleague, Gina Coladangelo, who later became his partner.

He admitted breaking social distancing guidance.

Following his appearance on I’m a Celebrity he announced that he would not be standing to be an MP in the next general election, saying he would instead “engage with the public in new ways”, adding that it had been an honour to represent his constituency in Parliament.

Covid Inquiry

Many people quite rightly want answers about what happened during the covid pandemic and not just the daylight robbery that witness billions taken from the public purse with no accountability.

The UK has one of the highest death tolls in the world. Our NHS was dealt a losing hand before the pandemic even began in China, let alone coming to the UK. The little information that we have regarding Operation Cygnus tells us that there was knowledge of inadequacies in our ability to handle a viral outbreak like this in 2016. 

It has been well documented that there was a shortage of PPE for both medical professionals and their patients, there wasn’t an effective pandemic plan in place and even the committee designated to reacting to a pandemic had been dissolved in October last year.

It was entirely reprehensible that the messages from Government in reference to those shortages essentially accused medical professionals of misusing the PPE they did have. Even now, the Government tries to shift the blame onto the NHS and Public Health England. 

But what it won’t do is examine the effects of the covid vaccine on the population or the billions drained away through theft, fraud and cronyism.

Even though the UK Covid-19 Inquiry has been set up to examine the UK’s response to and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and supposedly learn lessons for the future. Nowhere in the inquiry will it be asked questions that continue to be raised about the virus and the vaccines we were given.

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