LBC’s James O’Brien: Centrist Lapdog or State Propaganda Machine?

James O'Brien'
Revealing James O'Brien's True Agenda: The Lapdog of the Establishment

Gaslighting and Propaganda: The James O’Brien Show

In an age where journalism should be the bastion of truth and impartiality, it is disheartening to witness the rise of individuals like James O’Brien, who masquerade as journalists but serve as mere mouthpieces for the establishment. O’Brien’s recent antics have exposed not only his blatant arrogance and ignorance but also his condescending and rude demeanour towards those who hold differing opinions.

The centrist lapdog has made a name for himself by attacking individuals with socialist tendencies, branding them as threats to society. However, his real agenda seems to be not only upholding the one Party state view but creating a Corbynista bogeyman, instilling fear in the minds of the public and diverting attention from the real issues at hand.

During a call in, to LBC, James O’Brien used his position to dismiss and attack genuine concerns expressed by a caller who voiced dismay over the possibility of a future Starmer government failing to repeal the new authoritarian protest bill. Rather than addressing these concerns, O’Brien resorted to creating an impression that groups of people were attempting to resurrect the “ghost of Jeremy Corbyn,” diminishing and belittling those who disagreed with him.

By labelling individuals who shared a true account of David Lammy’s recent statement on Labour’s stance towards repealing Tory legislation as “weirdos,” O’Brien showcased his gaslighting tactics and his attempt to silence anyone who dared to question the new regime. Astonishingly, O’Brien seemed oblivious to the fact that Starmer himself had clearly stated his intentions not to repeal the protest bill.

Throughout history, propagandists have often disguised themselves as truth-bearers while serving the hidden agendas of the establishment. O’Brien’s behaviour exemplifies this pattern, as he systematically undermines genuine concerns and attempts to pigeonhole those who dare to question the prevailing narrative.

James O’Brien: Gaslighting Dissenters and Silencing Genuine Concerns.

Watch the call in the video below…

Challenging James O’Brien: Demand for Accountable Journalism

It is imperative that we recognise these manipulative tactics for what they are and demand honest and accountable journalism. True journalism should encourage open debate, provide balanced perspectives, and hold those in power accountable, rather than promoting an agenda that disregards genuine concerns.

James O’Brien’s gaslighting tactics and his attempts to create a phantom menace an illusion of an army of Corbynistas trying desperately to resurrect Jeremy Corbyn like he is some kind of an enemy of the state of Oceania. An Emmanuel Goldstein character from Orwell’s 1984 is repugnant.

O’Brien happily named the same as the main antagonist in George Orwell’s 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is acting his part well, a Big Brother voicebox silencing dissenters and highlighting his disregard for genuine concerns expressed by the public.

His dismissive attitude towards those questioning the new regime, along with his alignment with establishment interests, reveals a distorted narrative masquerading as truth. As vigilant citizens, we must recognize these propagandist tactics and strive for journalism that upholds transparency, fairness, and accountability.

What is most concerning is O’Brien’s dismissal of people’s genuine concerns about the encroaching authoritarianism that the United Kingdom is currently facing and will continue to face, especially if Sir Keir Starmer is elected. Rather than engaging in meaningful discussions and acknowledging the valid fears of the public, O’Brien chooses to belittle and mock those who dare to question the status quo.

One might wonder, how can someone who engages in such biased and one-sided reporting have the audacity to claim that he is a beacon of truth, however, that is exactly what happens… At the end of the call, O’Brien declares, “But, hey oh, it’s up to us to get the truth out there,” this coming after his torrent of misinformation, only serves to highlight the delusion he operates under.

His version of truth is nothing more than a distorted reflection of the state propaganda he eagerly reviews.

While O’Brien is attacking everything LeFT and abusing his position sounding more like Lord Haw-Haw for the centrist, his glorious leader Sir Keir Starmer appeared on ITV confirming he would not be repealing the Draconian protest Laws making a mockery of his propagandist over at LBC.

True journalism should aim to shed light on the realities of power, hold the powerful accountable, and provide a platform for diverse voices. Unfortunately, O’Brien’s approach falls far short of these principles. Instead of challenging the status quo, he seems to revel in towing the party line, reinforcing the narratives of the one-party state.

In a time when the public’s trust in journalism is waning, it is imperative to expose individuals like James O’Brien for what they truly are: purveyors of propaganda. The public deserves better—journalists who prioritise truth over personal bias, who listen to the concerns of the people, and who uphold the principles of responsible reporting.

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