#LabourLeaks: The Labour Party’s GLU created a ‘new Stasi system to spy on members’

You don't have a democracy if you do NOT have an opposition party trying to win. #LabourLeaks

If members don’t understand the implication and implicit ethos of what the staff of the Labour Party GLU have done then they should read the leaked documents.

In a free democratic country, no matter your political views, people should find this terrifying.

To grasp the full gravity of the Labour leaks it must be understood, “If her majesty’s opposition has ‘intentionally’ thrown two elections, that’s not just a matter for Labour but for the whole country. “You don’t have a democracy if you do ‘NOT’ have an opposition party trying to win.”


In the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, the word thoughtcrime describes a person’s politically unorthodox thoughts, such as unspoken beliefs and doubts that contradict the tenets of Ingsoc (English Socialism), the dominant ideology of Oceania.

In the official language of Newspeak, the word ‘crimethink’ describes the intellectual actions of a person who entertains and holds politically unacceptable thoughts; thus the government of the Party controls the speech, the actions, and the thoughts of the citizens of Oceania.

In contemporary English usage, the word thoughtcrime describes beliefs that are contrary to accepted norms of society and is used to describe theological concepts, such as disbelief and idolatry, and the rejection of an ideology.

The Governance and Legal Unit in setting up their own NEW STASI decided what they deemed as ‘crimethink’ they then dispensed of the individuals that did not follow their dogma by bringing them under administrative suspension and ultimately expelling them from the Party.

While staff boasted privately about creating a “new Stasi system”, the scale of the operation was initially hidden from the NEC, with one staff member admitting: “we don’t want the NEC to have much of an idea how many there are to review (we’re worried they’ll get scared)”.

The NEC was provided with misleading information about the work being undertaken, and never provided with all of the search terms GLU were using, which would have revealed how the “purge” was being “rigged”.

Individuals associated with the Labour right whose abusive behaviour was well-documented and reported to the Party were protected from action.

The GLU had resurrected the Stasi they used the same tactics.

Hubertus Knabe, German historian writes “But why did the Stasi collect all this information in its archives? The main purpose was to control society. In nearly every speech, the Stasi minister gave the order to find out who is who, which meant who thinks what. He didn’t want to wait until somebody tried to act against the regime. He wanted to know in advance what people were thinking and planning.

The East Germans knew, of course, that they were surrounded by informers, in a totalitarian regime that created mistrust and a state of widespread fear, the most important tools to oppress people in any dictatorship.”

The Labour Party Governance and Legal Unit created a culture of mistrust and fear amongst Labour members. Many felt restricted in debate and opinion on social media. Free speech was stifled. Members had a legitimate fear that their comments and words could be misused and taken out of context, then presented as evidence resulting in administrative suspensions, deserved or not.

And for many Left-wing members whose only real crime was to support the Labour Party that is precociously what happened. Members were hunted down, suspended and excluded!

The ‘New Stasi’ used a purpose built program to hunt down social media comments and keywords all in an attempt to remove supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Witchhunt became an Inquisition.

The casualty extended from good socialist MP’s like Chris Williamson, activists like Jackie Walker, Peter Willsman, Marc Wadsworth and many thousands of good Left wing members.

This New Stasi of the Labour Party, exploited the fact that not everyone understands the difference between the state of Israel and the Jewish people, and therefore framed every criticism of Israeli policy as anti-Semitism.

Since then, many Labour Party members have been kicked out of the party over accusations of anti-Semitism, some of them justified and some not but all on the recommendations of this corrupt unit.

The Stasi system

While staff boasted privately about creating a “new stasi system”, the scale of the operation was initially hidden from the NEC, with one staff member admitting “we don’t want the NEC to have much of an idea how many there are to review (we’re worried they’ll get scared)”. LINK

Staff sabotaged Labour’s election chances, but worst is the abuse of members who didn’t know they were signing up to be surveilled under a “new Stasi system”. If members don’t understand the implication and implicit ethos, those staff did. find this terrifying.

2.2.3. The “Validation” process. Extract from the Leaked Labour document:

I’ll work on an experimental new Stasi system

“James Schneider has [been flagged] but unfortunately it’s a bit benign” “fuck Momentum”

It was in this context that the Governance and Legal Unit led on a highly controversial operation to “vet” members and supporters by examining their social media feeds – a second round of 2015’s “Trot hunt”, officially called “Validation”.

At the time, the Nationbuilder software that Labour used to hold its member and supporter data had agreements with Facebook and Twitter that enabled it to “match” profiles, primarily through people’s email addresses.

At the end of June 2016, Richard Shakespeare, Labour’s lead developer, quickly produced a web app that would scrape Twitter and Facebook for tweets, retweets, shares and comments that matched various search criteria, and then match them to profiles of members and supporters, with a basic interface for staff to review the evidence and matches produced.

Though formally under Buckingham (who continued to work part-time), and despite having started in his role just days earlier, on 27 June 2016, Sam Matthews, newly appointed Compliance Officer was tasked with “co-ordinating this on a day-to-day Basis”.

He noted on 1 July that “the goal is… [to] investigate and refer as many as possible within the time scale we’ve got”.

The scale of the operation was deliberately hidden from the NEC, however – “we don’t want the NEC to have much of an idea how many there are to review (we’re worried they’ll get scared)”.

Matthews and Shakespeare discussed the need for secrecy, limiting what information people involved could see, and using people who could be “trusted”, with 10 people being recruited to work on this from Labour Students (two of whom were also noted as coming from “Britain Stronger In Europe”; there appears to have been some overlap between the two organisations)

Britain Stronger in Europe (formally The In Campaign Limited) was an advocacy group that campaigned in favour of the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union in the 2016 British referendum.

Lord Peter Mandelson sat on the board on Britain Stronger IN Europe. He along with Roland Rudd another of Tony Blair’s advisers later setup the  Corbynsceptic remain campaign pressure group ‘The People’s vote’

The key staff involved in this process openly opposed Jeremy Corbyn, and this process of “vetting” was designed to target the party’s left.

#LabourLeaks #LabourReport

Read the full report here LINK The question to the membership is how can the Labour Party ever be trusted again…

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