Labour Party Shame: Staff vote for strike action against the Labour Party over real-terms pay cut

Keir Hardie must be spinning in his grave at the current Leader ironically named Keir.

Labour Leadership attacks on workers with a pay cut are being met with resistance.

Not a headline anyone would ever have imagined, Labour Party workers go on strike. The Labour Party formed over 122 years ago to fight for better pay and conditions for workers now acting like Tory Bosses.

It seems almost unbelievable the Labour Party has moved so far to the right the only distinction between it and the Tories is the name.

The Labour party was formed to fight for workers pay and workers rights, the Labour party website has the audacity to still promote the movement beginnings where the website states:

“It was this aim that united Keir Hardie and the colleagues who gathered for the famous inaugural meeting of the Labour Representation Committee at London’s Memorial Hall in February 1900. Ignored by the Tories and disillusioned with the Liberals, they gathered together to push for change.

In the next two decades, he helped create a powerful union of Scottish miners. He helped miners get better pay and started his own newspaper. Keir also became more involved in politics and started fighting for working people in Parliament. He originally supported the Liberal Party. But, he realised they wouldn’t stand up for the desperately needed reforms to help workers”.

Ironically 122 years later another Keir has become the leader of the Labour Party, unfortunately, this so-called ‘King of the Middle Class Radicals’ (Sir Keir Starmer’s university nickname) is here to kill that dream.

We have come to a point where people are realising the Labour Party has become the Liberals of yesteryear. No longer do they stand up for the desperately needed reforms to help workers.

The Labour Party is now asking its own staff to accept a real-terms pay cut as it deals with the loss of more than £3 million to falling membership and reduced trade union support.

For a party formed by the unions to represent the best interest of the working class, this is a pitiful move by the once-great political party of the wider Labour movement.

Labour’s ideological move to the Right has so far resulted in a loss of up to 200 thousand members, a loss that the frontbencher, Rachel Reeves declared ‘ that is a good thing.’ That ‘good thing’, Reeves so arrogantly states has also brought about a Party close to bankruptcy.

Labour staff represented by the Unite trade union have voted in favour of strike action over a pay offer of 2% that amounts to a real-terms pay cut, while those represented by GMB union have “reluctantly” voted in favour of accepting the deal.

The deal covers employees in Labour’s London headquarters, Southside, and its regional offices. The results of the indicative ballots mean GMB will not move to a full ballot for strike action, but Unite still has the option of doing so.

Unite officer Matt Smith said: “Unite members have rejected this well below inflation pay offer in favour of strike action. The Labour Party has now requested a further meeting which we have agreed to. We will report back any developments to our members next week.”

GMB members voted to accept the pay deal by 61.5% to 37.5%. A GMB spokesman said: “Our ballot closed today and GMB members reluctantly voted to accept the offer.”

Labour’s Unite branch is expected to meet on February 4th. LabourList understands that Labour management will be meeting with both Unite the Union and GMB next week following the ballots.

It was revealed by Politico earlier this month that Labour is asking staff to accept a real-terms pay cut as the party deals with the loss of more than £3m due to falling membership and reduced financial support from trade unions.

The leadership hopes to compensate for the reduced funding streams with private donations from high-net-worth individuals, particularly as Labour’s position in the polls improves and Boris Johnson’s premiership is mired in crises.

Obviously, that will mean donors will want policy made for them and not the people. We have already seen a reversal in Labour’s promise to nationalise energy, scratching the surface of this step change and things become more apparent.

The fact Starmer’s fellow Trilateral Commission member and top Labour adviser Lord Peter Mandelson’s lobbying firm General Counsel are Centrica – the union-busting company which fired and rehired thousands of British Gas engineers earlier this year. Hard to believe this man is anywhere near a Labour Party but on the face of things easy to understand why the Labour party are no longer an alternative to the Tory Party but an alternative Tory Party.

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