Kate Hoey: Prominent Brexiteer says she will stand down as Labour MP at next election

Kate Hoey Labour MP for Vauxhall in London since 1989.

Prominent Labour Brexiteer MP Kate Hoey has announced she will stand down at the next election.

The former minister tweeted a letter to her constituents saying that, after 30 years representing the Vauxhall constituency, she would “not seek re-election as a Labour candidate”.

She wrote:

“Until the next general election I will of course continue every single day to give my all to help constituents in Vauxhall and to campaign for policies that make life better for residents.

“I will carry on until a general election serving with the energy, honesty and integrity that I have tried to bring to public service my whole life.

“It remains a huge privilege to serve this special part of London. I have had wonderful staff over the years some with me for over 20 years and I thank them all for their personal support.

“I am profoundly grateful to those party members, local residents, community groups and trade unions with whom I have worked and campaigned over so many years.”

The Brexit supporter has represented Remain-voting Vauxhall in London since 1989.

Ms Hoey suffered a vote of no confidence from her local party last year, when she was accused of ignoring her constituents over Brexit.

Lambeth, which includes the constituency of Vauxhall, voted 78.6% to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum – the highest proportion of any area aside from Gibraltar.

The former minister tweeted a letter to her constituents which said she would “not seek re-election as a Labour candidate”.

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